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Edinburgh Architecture Guide by Johnny Rodger

Lothian Buildings Book: Edinburgh Guidebook on the Built Environment

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Edinburgh Architecture Guide by Johnny Rodger

Author: Johnny Rodger


2001, Ellipsis London Ltd, 320pp, paperback

Edinburgh Architectural Guide by Johnny Rodger

The latest book to describe Edinburgh architecture and the only one that’s really up-to-date, at time of writing, on the built environment in the Scottish capital city: with some incisive comments – a good read

Edinburgh Architecture Guide.

It would be easy to assume that the large amount of building works and new construction in Edinburgh is a consequence of the siting of the new Scottish seat of government, tagged as a ‘pretendy Parliament’ by Scottish stage personality Billy Connolly.

But factors more mundane than the urgings of the ‘democratic spirit’ can explain this spate of new building: in particular Edinburgh’s position as the fourth biggest financial center in Europe; the incidence of developer rather than open competitions; the invitation extended to the American modernist architect Richard Meier to come up with a masterplan for the design of the Edinburgh Park business center; and Edinburgh’s 1970s love-affair with the motor-car, the resultant fractured city and early new-millennium ambivalence about private/public transport.

Around 100 entries in this book give a framework for understanding what all this means for Edinburgh’s built environment and for reading recent architectural design in the city. The new Scottish Parliament building is located in Edinburgh and the city is experiencing a mass of new construction.

Johnny Rodger’s book offers concise, reviews of all the significant recent buildings and on-site developments. A critical celebration of Edinburgh’s current architectural renaissance. 130 b/w photos.

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Johnny Rodger, Charles McKean (Editor)


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ISBN: 1873190514

Johnny Rodger book

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Museum of Transport Glasgow
photograph : Alan McAteer

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