Bingo all architecture requirements

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Bingo all architecture requirements advice

19 Jan 2021

Today it is normal playing bingo comfortably from home, using a computer or even on your mobile, however there are many players that prefer to play in bing all which give the people the possibility to socialize and have fun at the same time.

In order to incentivize the attendance of the Bingo halls, the managers have identified activities complementary to that of pure gaming, aimed at configuring enlarged relationship spaces with different attractions from the hall itself.

Bingo all architecture requirements

Bingo all architecture requirements guide

The concessionaire must ensure and guarantee that the space dedicated to the exercise of the game of Bingo is physically distinct from the spaces dedicated to other activities practice at the hall.

The space for the exercise of the Bingo game may consist of a main room, where the extraction takes place, and from other adjacent rooms that ensure each the aforementioned minimum conditions. The adjacent rooms must be accessed only from the room principal and after the exhaustion of the latter’s posts.

In all rooms used for play Bingo it must always be maximum visibility of the game phases ensured by means of IT tools e multimedia connected, in a single circuit, to those of the main room, where it occurs the extraction. Try playing bingo Australia.

All access routes to the various rooms in the building must be such as to guarantee the normal game operation and better staff circulation. Without prejudice to the minimum requirements above, it is allowed in the dedicated environment to the game the exercise of the activity of small catering and administration of beverages in compliance with current regulations. Any promotional activity of the Bingo game inside the room does not may involve the direct or indirect award of different or additional prizes, with respect to those provided for by the game rules nor the alteration of the procedures game established by the same regulation.

Spaces Reserved For The Systems

The equipment that is part of the processing system must be installed in a special service area, separate from the one reserved for operation of the Bingo game as well as any other spaces present in the room, reserved for services or other gaming activities. The space reserved for the aforementioned equipment must be highlighted so to guarantee access to authorized personnel only.

Internal structures Internal structures must comply with the rules and standards of reference. The environments must be made with the use of non-combustible materials, sound absorbing and shatterproof. All environments must be adequately air-conditioned and equipped with emergency lights.

The subdivision of the rooms must be made in such a way as to allow a easy visual inspection of the equipment. Control post The signals relating to the operation of the systems (alarms, air conditioning, extinction, etc.) must flow into a single control station.

From this position it is necessary to be able to act on all the devices. Access control Automated access control of personnel at the premises must be provided the areas reserved for the processing system, with the possibility of managing the access registration.

Smoke and fire detection Smoke detectors must be provided in all rooms, suitably placed and connected to a control panel and to the control unit. The system must operate both automatically and manually, it must provide for acoustic and optical alarms and the automatic activation of the fire extinguishers. UPS and generators Suitable UPS and current generators must be provided for allow the system to work even in the event of non-delivery of electric energy.


The concessionaire must equip the room and, if located elsewhere, its own system development of appropriate logical-physical security mechanisms, such as devices firewalling, intrusion prevention and malware detection software. The integrity and confidentiality of the information must also be guaranteed. The room system must be equipped with devices that oppose attempts to tampering and / or intrusion.

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