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Kamado Grill: Which Model To Choose?

12 March 2022

What if you could cook indoors year-round? Well, thanks to the ever-popular Kamado grill, that
is no longer a dream. Kamados are designed to bring the pleasures of outdoor cooking indoors
with them to eliminate the need for breaking out your charcoal or propane grills. Today, we will
be going over everything you need to know about these grills and which models would be best
for your needs.

Kamado Grill: which model to choose?

The History of Kamado Grills

Kamado grills originated in Japan and have been around since the 16th century. Japanese
farmers used them to cook rice, vegetables, and meat on an open flame while plowing their
fields. Eventually, they made their way over to the West, where American hobbyists started
tinkering with them as early as the 1940s. These grills became popular because their design
offered more control over the fire and a better heat-to-fuel ratio for better cooking (compared to
charcoal or gas).

How They Work

Kamado grills use a combination of air and heat for cooking food. Air is pushed through the
charcoal or gas burner and directed into a surrounding, heat-resistant insulated ‘bowl.’ The bowl
has small holes in the bottom that allow for a controlled, steady release of heat. The type of fuel
used will determine how hot the temperature can get. Kamados can reach scorching
temperatures up to 1200 °F! This is why these grills are top-rated among pitmasters looking for
an even cooking temperature for long smoking times without adding more fuel to compensate
for temperature loss.

What to Look For in a Kamado grill

When choosing a kamado, the first thing you should do is calculate how many people will be
using the grill at once.
● If you have small children, it would probably be best to get a model that is single-unit
only (two people can operate some smaller models).
● Also, consider how much space there is in your living area. Many larger models require a
great deal of floor space, so if you can’t spare space in your dining room or kitchen,
these may not be the best options for you.
● You should also make sure that the kamado you choose is compatible with your climate;
many wood-burning models cannot be used in windy or rainy conditions.
If you fit the bill for most of these categories, you are on your way to getting a high-quality
kamado grill!

How to Clean a Kamado Grill

Now that you have the right grill and know what to look for, let’s talk about cleaning it! First
things first: DO NOT use soap and water to clean your kamado. This could result in damage or
rusting, and the residual residue will be tough to remove. The secret is simple: all-purpose
cleaner. You can use any high-quality all-purpose cleaner. Just make sure that it is free of
petroleum products as these can corrode aluminum parts. Make sure you also note the
manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning your kamado if there are any.

The process is simple: just spray on your cleaner and scrub the grill lightly with a sponge. Once
you are satisfied with the results, give it a good rinse and leave it to air dry. The heat-resistant
surface of the bowl will not scratch, and you should not have any problem removing grease or
How to Use a Kamado Grill
Using your kamado is very simple; all you need to do is apply high heat to your charcoal
(around 600 °F) or turn on your propane tank, light it up, and let it burn until there is no longer
any smoke coming out of the burner holes to get going. If you are using charcoal, you will need
to add more as it burns off; be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the

Get your meat and vegetables ready (you should probably wear gloves to protect your
hands from the heat) and place them on top of a drip pan. You should put this pan directly on
the grill grate so that your food doesn’t get stuck between two hot surfaces. Remember: these
grills get very hot, so you may have to move your food midway through cooking to prevent


Kamado grills offer a great cooking experience for those who want to recreate the outdoor
grilling experience indoors. They are simple to use, easy to clean, and can be found in many
homes. If you are looking for something like this, be sure to check out our reviews of the top
Kamado grills on the market!

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