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Ballencrieff Castle : Historic Aberlady Building

Historic Building by Aberlady, East Lothian, Scotland, UK, property restoration by Peter Gillies and Lin Dalgleish.

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Address: Ballencrieff, by Aberlady, East Lothian

Location: south off the B1377, easily visible in this open plain. It is located three miles north west of Haddington, and one mile south of Aberlady.

Ballencrieff Castle Aberlady Scotland
photo by Renata, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ballencrieff Castle Aberlady

In 1507, James IV commanded James Murray (his private secretary) to build himself a fortified house at Ballencrieff.

Ballencrieff Castle was destroyed in or around 1545 but was rebuilt in 1586. In 1868 the property accidentally burnt down.

Restoration began in 1992 by Peter Gillies and his partner Lin Dalgleish. The property refurbishment was completed in the summer of 1997.

This large tower house is located at Ballencrieff, East Lothian, Scotland. The long, rectangular-plan, tower has three storeys, including a vaulted basement, with a near-symmetrical north front.

Ballencrieff Castle Aberlady tower house
photo by Renata (talk) – Own work (Original text: self-made), Public Domain,

The tall, narrow south-east wing has crow-step gables. The castle, along with its walled garden and pavilion, is a category B listed building.

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Location: Aberlady, East Lothian, southeast Scotland, United Kingdom.

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