6 Must-have amenities in your residential society guide, Manikonda flats, Hyderabad house hunting tips

6 Must-have amenities in your residential society

22 February 2022

It’s not unusual to hear about customers getting bad deals even after excessive house hunting. What if a dream house turns out to be something less than ideal – is a nightmare that every homeowner has experienced while changing houses or buying a new one. To be happy in an apartment, you should not sacrifice luxury. However, there are a few amenities that you must not cut corners on, especially if you are looking for flats for sale in Manikonda in Hyderabad, central India. Here’s a rundown of the essential amenities in apartment buildings that you should insist on:

6 Must-have amenities in your residential society

6 Must-have amenities in your residential society List

Reserved Parking Space

Apartment buyers highly desire reserved car and bike parking spaces. Years of difficulties searching for parking space arise if you purchase a home that does not include automobile or bike parking. If you own a vehicle and can secure apartment sale deed with a car and bike parking lot, it’s an excellent bargain. So, duly enquire about a bike parking space before making any deal.

Recreational Facilities

Apartments must provide recreational options within their premises as the demands of city dwellers increase with the passing time. This may include a play area for children, gyms, swimming pools, or tennis courts. These are the most important apartment amenities in any apartment or society, and it is important to examine whether these facilities are well-maintained.

Elevators with Power Back-up

High-rise homes are increasingly becoming popular in Manikonda and similar areas in Hyderabad. It is critical to have powerful elevators in apartment buildings. If you’re looking for flats in a big apartment complex, make sure there’s more than one lift and that it has power backup. It is one of the most essential amenities in a society.

Concierge and Security

The reasons a concierge and security is on this list are twofold. The first is that they provide protection, deny entrance to unwanted persons, and deal with noise complaints when they arise. The second benefit is that they can handle your deliveries for you. This eliminates the threat of porch thieves, allowing you to go about your day believing that what you’ve ordered online will be accepted and stored until you get home. As a result, concierge and security are highly important.

Power backup

Power backup is a must-have, especially if you live in a city like Hyderabad that experiences frequent power outages. Power outages are common in certain areas, so make sure the home you’re buying includes power backup, and this makes it one of the most important apartment amenities.

Vastu-compliant designs

A Vastu-compliant apartment design is essential to many purchasers. Vastu, or Feng Shui, is based on science, and these are practically aside from religion. An East-facing flat, for example, will allow proper light and ventilation. Before you acquire a property, it’s a good idea to inquire about the same.

6 must-have amenities in your residential society Conclusion

Basic facilities in apartment properties, such as elevators and laundry rooms, can go a long way toward making homeownership enjoyable. You can take a look at various trusted listing of flats for sale in Manikonda in Hyderabad by visiting Nobroker.in

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