3 top myths of wooden window

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3 Top Myths of Wooden Window

29 Jan 2021

Many house owners think about replacing windows, but only a few know what type of glass unit to install. There is a lot of controversy about PVC and timber windows. Quality of material, its durability and other parameters are decisive when choosing the right product.

A properly selected glass unit will be an element of both interior and exterior design. Before you decide to replace old units with modern plastic windows, it’s worth examining the main advantages of classic wooden windows. Contact the Scott James company, and its professionals will advise you on the best solution.

  1. Timber window is too expensive

Installation of new wooden windows may seem more expensive than choosing a modern PVC glass unit. Their difference is in the service life. A wooden window can be used for about 60 years, which is many times longer than the period of use of products made of modern materials.

You will be able to repaint wooden frames in the colour you want. Maintenance is easy, you just need to monitor the condition of the windows and don’t forget to clean them regularly. Wood is one of the most durable materials, so you can install triple glazing if your rooms are too cold in winters. This will keep them warm and reduce drafts. The sash windows repair cost is low compared to a complete glass unit replacement. Moreover, windows of natural wood have a positive effect on the price of your house.

  1. Repairing timber window is hard work

The wooden glass unit doesn’t really require constant restoration and renovation. As a rule, frames are painted before installation. The first colour restoration will be required no earlier than 8 years later. You don’t need to spend a lot of effort on repainting. The process is as follows:

  • sandpaper the frame;
  • clean out dirt;
  • apply several layers of fresh paint.

Usually, only the outer part of the frame may erase, while inner sides remain in their original state much longer.

  1. You have to strip your sash windows completely to redecorate them

If you want to update your sash window, you don’t need to replace the glass unit completely. It is enough to choose a suitable colour and repaint it. If you wish, contact the specialists who will change the colour of your frame in the shortest possible time. It’s much more difficult to reconstruct the design of plastic windows, so wooden ones have an advantage over them.

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