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10 Kitchen Trends to Try Out This Summer

8 June 2021

Your kitchen is the room in your home where you can experiment with your tastes. Not only with cooking, but with interior design. We’ve rounded up our favourite kitchen trends. See which one is your favourite.

10 kitchen trends to try out in summer

10 Kitchen Trends to Try Out This Summer Advice

Go Green

Let’s begin by looking at green kitchen styles. This colour is set to be everywhere this season. With its welcoming and earthy tones, it isn’t hard to understand why. Whether you want to splash out and paint your cabinets, or simply spruce up your crockery, go green.

Farmhouse Style

After the past year, with so many of us stuck at home, people are craving comfort. This is where farmhouse kitchen styles come into their own. With their wooden features, kitsch aesthetic and rustic look, a farmhouse kitchen is so cosy and charming.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is a serious trend for kitchens. From energy-efficient appliances to opting for natural or upcycled materials – there are so many ways you can introduce sustainable elements to your kitchen.

Wine Storage Display

Take pride in your wine collection by putting it on display in your kitchen. Not only is it a practical storage solution, but it also acts as a statement piece for the room and a great conversation starter with guests.

Metal Framing

For those craving a more modern look in the kitchen, this is the one for you. Metal framing offers an industrial edge to a space. It’s a simple, eye-catching, finish that can completely change the look and feel of a kitchen.

Undermount Sink

The undermount sink is a fantastic example of style and practical design coming together. Stephen Lynskey, Head Designer at Hammonds Kitchens, says that undermount sinks are a godsend when it comes to saving counter space as the drainer can double up as another surface.

3D Surfaces

A three-dimensional surface can add an incredible artistic feel to your kitchen. As the light changes throughout the day, you’ll notice different shadows and patterns. 3D surfaces are a sophisticated kitchen trend that we can’t wait to see more of.

Indoor Gardens

Not every house comes with a garden, but this won’t stop green-fingered people from grabbing at an opportunity to bring the outdoors into their homes. Not only are they visually pleasing, but it means fresh herbs are never too far away.

Raw Wood Finishes

Raw wood finishes are also fulfilling that need to have more nature indoors. The material gives your kitchen a rustic feel. Raw wood requires a little DIY but the results are worth it.

Smart Storage

Last but by no means least, there is smart storage. This is particularly trendy in small-sized kitchens but is applicable for any space. Smart storage solutions can make any kitchen more effective and organised.

So there are the top ten kitchen trends to watch out for this summer. Which one do you think you’ll be trying?

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