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Twelve Tips To Organize An Attic

10 June 2021

Twelve Tips To Organize An Attic
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Homeowners often find it challenging to organize a house and arrange their belongings scattered across different rooms. But the attic is – doubtlessly – the trickiest place to manage for proprietors. Attics can become a domestic sanctuary for your clutter – objects that have outgrown their use in the house – and junk items.

It’s usually a loft constructed over a garage or a small space built under the rafters. Moving things around in that space becomes complex sometimes and requires organizational skills from homeowners. Though it doesn’t need to be a dreadful chore, and you can manage things inside your attic with the help of these few tips and tricks.

Twelve Tips To Organize An Attic Space

  1. The attic’s floor

Your attic needs a strong base before you start organizing it. A robust floor will support the weight of all the items you’ll place there. Now, what should be the ideal depth of your attic floor? If it’s ¾-inch plywood underpinning, then the loft can handle your clutter. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace the floor system with a better one for carrying the weight of your belongings. Hire an expert to evaluate the attic structure who’ll recommend innovative methods to strengthen the floor securely.

  1. Repair the roofing

Look around for signs of damages to the attic’s structure. If you see droppings, leakages, or frayed wires, it’s time to contact local professionals in your neighborhood. A quick search on the internet can help you shortlist a few options. But if your home is around West Yorkshire. England, call your local Bradford roofing specialists to repair the attic and replace the damages. Services these well-trained roofers can provide are re-roofing, gutter cleaning, repointing, replacing soffits, etc. It’s normal for roofs to suffer from wear & tear, courtesy of the unpredictable British weather. So, don’t hesitate to hire the right roofers.

  1. Remove unnecessary stuff

There are things you must never store in the attic. Air, dust, humidity, and temperature fluctuations may harm some of your environment-sensitive belongings. Keeping non-perishable edibles will only bring more rodents inside, while heat may damage your books/papers.

Similarly, don’t store photos, candles, or electric devices in the attic. The loft isn’t the right place for wooden furniture or musical instruments either. Moreover, avoid bringing in stuff you regularly use (e.g., the vacuum cleaner). You may consider Junk Removal for construction clean up and junk removal. Regardless of wherever you live, you must do proper research before seeking professional help, so cleaning up a mess will be easy for you.

  1. Put up rails

You should install rails to hang your wardrobe collection in a well-preserved condition. It helps you organize out-of-season clothes without bulky dresses taking up all the space. However, your favorite clothes don’t deserve to be stored inside the attic. But hanging them on a rail protects the wardrobe without claiming more room than they need. You can grab the most desired dress anytime you want. There’s no need to shuffle through hundreds of clothes and grunt at that one missing piece of linen.

  1. Get some bins

Instead of accumulating your clutter inside cardboard boxes, how about getting some plastic ones? These containers enable you to quickly locate the stuff you’re looking for since they’re transparent. If you’re seeking alternatives to plastic, invest in small-to-medium glass jars or containers constructed with stainless steel. And you can store anything in these bins, including books, clothes, and old-age letters. These boxes last longer than their cardboard predecessors and are more heat-sensitive.

  1. Check for rodents

It’s impossible to organize and secure your attic without eliminating rodents since the warmth of a loft seduces little animals to settle and turn it into a breeding colony. The hidden dangers of rodents include different diseases and viruses, due to which their removal becomes an urgent necessity. You can invest in pet-removal techniques that control the growth of these buggers without using any toxic chemicals. Call pest control to take care of these unwelcome visitors before organizing your attic.

  1. Put up shelves

Try to maximize attic storage space by installing some shelves. This idea redefines your walls as they become capable of holding objects. Now, you don’t have to pile everything down on the floor while the walls are standing there as useless structures. These shelving units carry your books, documents, boxes filled with shoes, and many other items. You can also suspend shelves between the attic’s trusses. Shelves enable you to find everything you look for right after you walk into the attic.

  1. Create a list

You can’t organize the attic without keeping track of the items you’ve stored there. So, it makes sense to record an inventory register in which you’ll take note of everything present inside the attic. Do you have any books inside, or are any Christmas decorations thrown up there? Peep into unlabeled boxes to know which objects they contain. Don’t forget to include every single item in that catalog. If your attic doesn’t have room anymore, you can now move something downstairs to make more space.

  1. Make attic zones

Don’t just let things be scattered all over the place. Instead, assign specific zones to each category of items listed in your catalog. Creating definite zones will help you add/remove objects whenever you wish. For instance, summer clothes can go to a specific attic zone once the season is over. You can find these clothes easily when you need them later. Other zones might include toys, domestic supplies, decorative items, and sports equipment. These designations will come in handy when you start shuffling stuff.

  1. Label everything

After making zones inside the attic, it’s important to label everything. So, how about investing in a quality label-maker! Since you can’t memorize everything stored inside all those containers. When homeowners move, they often struggle with packing/unpacking and dealing with all the clutter stored in the attic. Labeling helps them pack the right items effortlessly. So, labeling seems like the foundation of a well-arranged loft. It enables you to organize attic-stored objects efficiently.

  1. Invest in self-storage

Organizing your attic seems like the best opportunity to declutter the house. Donate or toss items you don’t need anymore. These objects will gather dust just lying there in the loft. But we’ve got another solution for things you’re emotionally attached with, i.e., self-storage. You’ll find many storage facilities in northern England where you can dump your clutter for the long term. This idea helps homeowners organize their attics without the fear of having to throw away some items.

  1. Add some lights

In the end, when your garret is well-organized and beautifully arranged, it’s time to add proper and luminous lighting fixtures. Don’t underestimate lighting options inside the loft, as it’ll come in handy during attic redesigning or renovations. Installing some additional lighting allows you to see all your handiwork. It’s okay if you let some natural light in the attic. If not, then try installing some spotlights. Also, consider installing a heating system if you don’t want the dampness to damage your humidity-sensitive belongings.


Worn-out clothes, old furniture, aged photographs, antiques, holiday decorations, treasured toys, and many other objects – what do they all have in common? They have lost their usage in your daily life, but residents have an emotional attachment to these items. So, all this clutter goes in the attic.

An adequately organized attic ensures that your precious belongings are stored without any threat to their safety. A well-managed attic also provides you enough space to keep stocking the clothes once the children outgrow them. You can gradually gather a fantastic asset on the garret to sell one day or commit to your home forever. So, organize your attic and arrange your cherished memories.

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