10 creative storage ideas for small spaces

10 creative storage ideas for small-space problems tips, Online property store advice

10 Creative Storage Ideas for Small Space Problems

27 Apr 2021

Are you looking for creative storage solutions for your small space to organize your belongings efficiently? If so, you have landed in the right place! Living in a small home requires you to be creative and think of storage ideas to organize your things efficiently.

10 creative storage ideas for small spaces

10 Creative Storage Ideas To Avoid Small-Space Problems

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When you are living small, you must develop creative strategies to store efficiently, making your space appear neat and tidy at all times. It is significant to identify underutilized areas and keep your things in an orderly manner. We will provide you ten creative storage ideas to organize your home and make the most out of your limited space.

  1. Create A Closet Space At Your Entrance

A lot of people with small homes struggle with having sufficient storage space at the entrance. You can use different open shelves and create a personalized space for your family.

Anyone entering the house could keep their belongings safely on these shelves. This way, your home will appear more organized with all the family members’ belongings sorted and placed in one place.

  1. Furniture Tricks To Store Extra Stuff

You may have several unnecessary items lying around, giving your home an untidy look. To address this problem, you must have hidden storage to store extra items.

One of the best ways is to get a multi-purpose piece of furniture. For instance, an upholstery storage bench with a flip-top could serve as an ideal storage solution. You can add style to your room with a stylish piece of furniture along with moving extra items out of sight.

  1. Consider Simple Add-ons

You can get more storage options in small spaces if you opt for simple add-ons that come in handy for storing your everyday items. Usually, such add-ons are quite useful for storing several items present in the kitchen. Get narrow and portable shelves that do not take up much space and have sufficient capacity to keep everyday household items close to you.

  1. Place Short-Length Shelves On The Nooks

Shelves play a vital role in organizing small spaces. They come in various sizes, offering a wide array of options for you to choose from based on your needs. You can consider short-length shelves for small spaces that efficiently fulfill storage needs.

Consider placing open shelves if you have empty corners or walls. Keep items that are often used on these shelves for easy access.

  1. Declutter Your Floor

It is common to have your floor cluttered with your belongings and other items if you do not have sufficient storage capacity. However, you can make your space appear tidy and clean with smart storage solutions. It is time you get storage boxes to stow away your essentials.

You can mount rectangular shelf units or small cubes on the wall to meet your storage requirements. They are open units, so you do not have to worry about the space around them. The shelves mounted on the wall will allow you to store your essentials in one place and provide you more walking space in your room.

  1. Use Compact Shelves

Placing large-sized, boxy shelves in a small room may make it look smaller. Go for a ladder-style that is narrow from the top. These shelves are compact and stylish that would add to your room’s appearance and efficiently store various items as well. So, for small spaces, go for compact shelves that take up less space and provides an efficient storage solution to you.

  1. Opt For A Combination Of Storage Options

If you choose a combination of different storage options such as cabinets, shelves, and drawers, it will help you organize things more efficiently. It is easy to clutter a small space if you only rely on a single storage solution. Having different storage options will let you store your things in an orderly manner and allow you to make the most of your available space.

  1. Declutter Utilizing Vertical Spaces Efficiently

Efficient use of vertical space in your room is a smart way to meet your storage needs. You can use behind-the-door storage for storing your essentials or small items that may most likely create a mess in your room otherwise.

There are organizers with multiple compartments available that you can hang behind your door for storing various items. It will greatly help you in creating a tidy and clean room.

  1. Sort And Store

When you live in tight quarters, it becomes significant to sort and separate your essential items. You must keep a check of your belongings and sort them at least once a month. Subsequently, you will have lesser items to store, allowing you to utilize your space effectively.

Start with organizing items that are used on a regular basis and are essential for your family. Replace items that are no longer used or are worn. Keep the selected items in an open space for easy access and better management.

  1. Windows As Storage Spots

Have you ever wondered that the space windows occupy could have been used for other purposes as well? Alongside brightening up the room, these windows could very well be utilized as storage spots.

You could hang racks or shelves across windows to keep everyday items. As a result, you can make the most of your limited space if you utilize your windows smartly.


Small spaces get a lot easier to organize if you have creative storage strategies in place. You do not necessarily have to think out of the box to arrange your items in an orderly manner. Implementing our ten creative storage ideas could effectively resolve your small space problems.

You could consider various storage options like shelves, drawers, organizers, and cabinets to store your essentials and personal belongings. All you need to do is plan and execute the storage strategies and make the most out of your compact space.

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