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Where is most beautiful Glasgow football stadium guide

5 May 2021

Every major city in the world has a sports venue that has become part of the city’s identity. Like the Madison Square Garden that became not only an arena where the TwinSpires NBA odds favorites NY Knicks play their games, but also an iconic and must visit part of New York City. Glasgow is no different and in fact the city has 3 historical football stadiums.

Scottish football isn’t something that can compete with the other major leagues around the world. That is true expect for five things – Celtic, Rangers, their respective stadiums and, of course, Hampden Park.

Where is the most beautiful football stadium of Glasgow?

Here we forget about the teams and instead pour our focus onto the football stadiums of Glasgow.

Hampden Park

We’ll kick off our look at the football stadiums of Glasgow by taking a closer look at the national stadium, Hampden Park.

Hampden Park Where is the most beautiful football stadium of Glasgow?

The bowl-shaped stadium today holds just shy of 52,000 people but when it was first constructed back in 1903 the capacity was double that with; in fact, the record attendance inside Hampden sits very close to 150,000.

That came during a meeting between Scotland and their rivals from south of the border in 1937 – it’s an attendance record that has never been topped on European soil, albeit largely down to the introduction of health and safety laws.

The stadium had already played host to multiple European Cup finals back in 1960 and again in 1976; the games couldn’t have been more different. One saw what we will kindly describe as not the best defensive players in the world as Real Madrid beat Eintracht Frankfurt 7-3 whilst the other was a 1-0 win for Bayern Munich against St Etienne.

The stadium though was deteriorating away from being a glamorous venue; in 1999 there was a revamp though and three years later the finale of the biggest club competition in the world was back. Scotland’s crown jewel of a football stadium was back.

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Next on our list is the home of Rangers, who have recently won their first SPL title in 10 years.

Ibrox can’t boast a capacity figure anywhere close to the record Hampden Park can but it does hold claim to the biggest domestic British crowd courtesy of the 118,567 supporters who gathered to watch an Old Firm match in 1939.

As was the situation with the national stadium, that crowd figure isn’t achievable by today’s standards; Ibrox, which was built in 1899, now tops out at narrowly under 52,000 – that makes it Scotland’s third biggest stadium.

In terms of shape and style, Ibrox is an all-seater stadium constructed as four separate stands; all rise steeply from the ground assisting in creating the tremendous atmosphere for which the stadium. Three stands are two-tiered with the Bill Struth Main Stand standing three high.

Celtic Park

Finally, we come to Celtic Park – or Parkhead depending on your preference. Needless to say this is where the ‘nine in a row’ Champions, Celtic play their home matches.

Celtic Park is not only the biggest in Scotland with a capacity crowd that eclipses 60,000 but it’s also the oldest of the three we’ve listed with the grand opening at its current site in 1892.

With that in mind, it is perhaps surprising that the largest ever attendance at Celtic Park is actually the lowest of the trio we’ve looked at coming in at 83,500; there are no surprises for guessing the opposition because, of course, it was against Rangers.

Although the stadium is one of the best known in the United Kingdom, it’s actually changed quite a lot over the years. Celtic Park was originally a bowl shaped stadium as per Hampden but now sits in a rectangular shape not dissimilar to Ibrox, which is located a five mile drive away.

The reason for this is exactly what we touched on with regards to Rangers’ stadium – the acoustics; most of that vocal support comes from the North Stand that holds 27,000 people.

There you have it, the iconic football stadiums of Glasgow. We can’t come to a conclusion about which one is the most beautiful (also we don’t want to create a riot between the Glasgow rivals). They are all part of the landscape of the city and help to shape the atmosphere of Glasgow.

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