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Popular architecture trends in the home

12 May 2021

Each year we see new, exciting design trends, and 2021 has bought along with it some absolutely stunning ones that we can’t wait to see more of. Whether you’ve been looking to renovate your home and want some inspiration, or are simply just interested in what’s new, We Buy Any House have outlined some of their favourites!

Mont Saint-Michel - Popular architecture trends in the home
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Popular architecture trends in the home in 2021

  1. Open plan

Open plan design has been a popular option for some time, especially in smaller properties as it offers the most space possible and makes the place look much brighter. Now, more than ever, homeowners are craving the maximum amount of space to be able to keep some distance while still being able to entertain guests, and choosing open plan provides this as well as offering more flexibility.

The standard open plan style will have the kitchen and living room in one big space, allowing you to choose which room you want to have more space; you can change this for different events by simply moving your furniture around. Some homes are also seeing an open plan style with the kitchen and dining room, perfect for families or for those who like to host dinner parties as it prevents the cramped feeling that can often come from smaller rooms.

  1. Freestanding baths

Bathrooms see all sorts of exciting new trends each year, but the reintroduction of freestanding baths is a fantastic one to consider if you’re looking to renovate. It pulls the bath to be the centre of attention in the room, and with a huge variety of stunning baths to choose from, it will make your bathroom a room to be proud of.

No matter your preference, there are bath styles that will suit – the more traditional option is something with ornate feet, but if you’re not too keen on this there are much more simplistic versions that look every bit as effective. You can also choose the colour of your bath to make sure that it ties together perfectly in the room.

  1. Sustainable living

We’re seeing more and more environmentally friendly improvements coming into homes across the country, and with the variety of options that homeowners can choose from it’s no wonder that they’re so popular. Have a look at these solar reviews.

Solar panels are a popular option for anyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as updating your insulation to prevent the loss of heat and save some money on your heating bills during the colder months. You can do this by updating windows if they aren’t double glazed, or fill hollow walls with insulative materials to trap the heat inside. Switching to LED lightbulbs or smart light bulbs is also a popular option that can be done on a minimal budget.

  1. Game rooms

Having had to spend more time at home than ever before, a huge amount of us were craving space to relax and wind down. Game rooms are an incredibly popular way of doing this, providing a sort of escape from the real work and offering comfort and fun all in one.

A perfect solution for kids or adults, developing a space that’s dedicated to enjoyment makes it an incredibly happy room in the home, and can be customised to the needs of those using it. For younger children, you can add in plenty of storage to hold physical games, and for older game enthusiasts you can focus on screens and space for consoles.

  1. Libraries

Most of us own a bookshelf packed with books that we’ve just not gotten round to read yet, so if you told yourself that you wanted to read more this year, creating a library space in your home is a perfect way to encourage yourself to sit down and make some progress.

Wall to wall bookshelves will provide all the storage you need for your books and will likely offer some extra shelving too that you can use for some personal items to make the place more cosy. Some like to create a reading nook with bay windows, whereas others prefer to add comfortable seating – you can choose what’s going to be the best addition for you!

This year has already revealed some lovely design trends, and we’re looking forward to see what other styles pop up!

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