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What Is Scan To BIM?

16 June 2021

The uptake of the BIM process has moved “survey data” into Real World 3D. These 3D models offer several advantages to every stage of a project, from initial designs to the final construction.


Even though this is not a complete or exhaustive list, here are a few of the main points:

– Improved cost analysis

– Improved spatial analysis

– Reduced design risk

– Improved understanding through visualization

– Production efficiencies

– Improved estimation accuracy

– Improved Health and Safety

– A simpler way to compute materials

– Abilities to update the model of a project as it progresses in real-time

– Ability to create an FM database from the actual model

– And perhaps the most vital of all, improved client engagement


The Scan to BIM procedure is based on the comprehensive traditional expertise which exists in the Geometrics arm of this practice. BIM Services provide this essential attention to detail and accuracy is highlighted in the accuracy and quality of the survey models delivered.

These processes are categorized into 5 definite steps:

  1. Survey Control
  2. Laser Scanning
  3. Process
  4. Model
  5. Information

Here is a more in-depth explanation of these steps:

1.Survey Control

The permanent and the semi-permanent 3D Survey-Control markers are established and then coordinated on-site before scanning is carried out. These controls set tolerances for the scan, allowing a “survey team” to consistently track all the accuracies.

  1. Laser Scanning

This process involves collecting any on-site Spatial Data. This involves using laser scanners that all relate to the 3D Survey-Control markers.

  1. Process

The spatial data is then at regular intervals processed and downloaded. The data is then compared and coordinated to the Survey Control to highlight disparities and to retain accuracy.

  1. Model

As soon as the Site Data is certified correct and checked it can then be passed onto the Modeling Team. The Point Data sets parameters for this modeling team which provides accurate representations of a structure to build this Survey Model.

  1. Information

The last step involves populating the model from the information that the client requires. These often range from basic dimensional information to extensive and more complex FM data.

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