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Trongate 103 : Glasgow Arts Centre

Glasgow Arts Centre Development, Scotland

8 Sep 2009

Trongate 103 Arts Centre


Glasgow’s new centre for the arts and creativity, Trongate 103, opens to the public on Saturday 12 September.

Trongate 103 Arts Centre

Funded by Glasgow City Council, The National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council, Scottish Enterprise and The Merchant City Townscape Heritage Initiative, Trongate 103 will offer opportunities for the public to participate in, view and buy a wide variety of art.

Trongate 103 Trongate 103 Glasgow
Trongate 103 pictures from the architect

Trongate 103 is a landmark in the story of Glasgow’s cultural development – as well as a unique home for some of Scotland’s best known artists and creators, including Glasgow Print Studio, Street Level Photoworks, Transmission, Glasgow Centre for Media Access, the Russian Cultural Centre, Glasgow Independent Studio and Project Room, Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre and Project Ability.
There is no other facility like this in the UK – and perhaps only one other in the world – in terms of supporting such a broad range of practice.
The project has been driven forward through the collaborative efforts of these organisations in partnership with Culture and Sport Glasgow, who have led on the creation of a joint vision for the project from its earliest stages, and the supporting design, access and audience development plans that support this vision.
The delivery of Trongate 103 saw the development of an existing six-storey Edwardian warehouse into a creative hub for producing and exhibiting contemporary visual art. It houses galleries, workshops, artists’ studios and production spaces that support the creation of art in a wide variety of media including printmaking, photography, digital media, film, video, kinetic sculpture, painting and ceramics.
At the same time as supporting the careers of professional artists, the building offers opportunities to members of the public to view, make and learn about art in an environment that values the creativity of all. Trongate 103 offers classes and training courses for members of the public, curriculum based education programmes for schools, and tailored outreach projects for youth and community groups.
Councillor George Ryan, Executive Member for Business and the Economy at Glasgow City Council, said: “The long-awaited opening of Trongate 103 will see a fantastic artistic facility being added to the city’s long list of cultural centres, a feature of Glasgow that increasingly attracts visitors. This unique building will not only offer a huge range of opportunities to people interested in art – of every age and ability – it will support our globally-renowned contemporary artists and marks another stage in the Merchant City’s regeneration. I look forward to the success of Trongate 103.”
Malcolm Dickson, chair of the Trongate 103 Tenants’ Forum, said: “It’s so exciting to see the Trongate 103 building opening to the public – we’ve all worked very hard to get to this point. We can now watch the building come alive with its artists, staff, and visitors from all sorts of backgrounds. The programme for the opening of the building is varied – and each tenant organisation is offering something new to see and do.”
Iain Munro, Co Director of Arts at the Scottish Arts Council, said: ‘This is a magnificent development and one which the Scottish Arts Council has been very pleased to support. It will provide a vibrant new home for the eight creative organisations who are the first tenants, it offers some unique and inspirational working areas for artists, as well as providing a new link between the citizens of Glasgow and the artists who give the city so much of its dynamism and vibrancy. I think it will be a brilliant place to work or visit, and will ensure Glasgow maintains its reputation as one of the world’s leading cities for the visual arts.’

Trongate 103 : News Release. 25 Aug 2009

Trongate 103 shop – Baxendale / Nadfly, Christmas 2009/10

Apr 2009


Eight of Scotland’s most diverse and vibrant arts organisations will begin their move this summer to Trongate 103.

Councillor George Ryan, Executive Member for Development and Regeneration at Glasgow City Council, said: “Trongate 103 is a unique project that will play a key role in ensuring Glasgow maintains its position as a global player in contemporary art and continues the regeneration of the Merchant City. One of the many factors that make this a building unlike any other is the sheer diversity of experience and opportunity on offer to a huge number of people, from artists to school and youth groups, and from community organisations to individuals with an interest in art. While we are seeing the development of an ‘artist’s quarter’ from Trongate 103 down to The Briggait, it should be remembered that all of the arts organisations involved were already located nearby and had played their own part in the regeneration of this part of the city.”
Malcolm Dickson, chair of the Trongate 103 Tenants’ Forum, said: “The opening of Trongate 103 represents a truly exciting milestone for eight arts organisations, some of whom been based in the area for over 20 years. The building has evolved with their needs in mind, coming as it does from the grassroots. These organisations are an integral part of Scotland’s cultural scene and they serve a wide range of people. Over the years so many budding and established artists, filmmakers, musicians, creators and members of the public have passed through our doors and we have all seen the positive effects of those encounters. The potential for us all to develop as unique individual arts organisations and to work together collectively as part of Trongate 103 is both innovative and challenging.”
Jim Tough, Chief Executive of the Scottish Arts Council, said: ‘Investing in the spaces that artists need to create work is vital for the health and growth of our creative community. The Trongate 103 project is significant commitment to the future of our artists and arts organisations, ensuring they have the right environment to create, to collaborate and to nourish the ambition and excellence that Scotland is recognised for across the world. The project has been characterised by the positive partnerships that surround it and we congratulate Glasgow City Council for its commitment to ensuring that the artists and arts organisations remain at the heart of the vision for Trongate 103.’
A special stand will be present at the Glasgow Art Fair (April 23 – 26) which shows the Trongate 103 project and highlights work from each of its tenant organisations.

In September 2009 eight arts organizations will be moving to Glasgow’s new creative and visual arts hub, Trongate 103. Situated on the corner of King Street and the Trongate, the Trongate 103 building will be a unique and multi-faceted resource providing the best access and facilities for diverse audiences, participants and practitioners.

The project is being delivered in a partnership between Glasgow City Council, Culture and Sport Glasgow and the eight organisations.

The eight arts organizations moving to Trongate 103

Glasgow Print Studio – founded in 1972, GPS provides open access printmaking opportunities for artists, nationally and internationally, offering world class facilities in their custom built printmakers workshop. GPS runs regular courses for the public in a range of printmaking techniques, along with an outreach education programme and in service courses for school teachers. GPS also houses a gallery and shop and is one of the largest UK based publishers of original prints.

Transmission Gallery – Transmission Gallery was set up in 1983 by graduates from Glasgow School of Art, providing a place for artists to meet, talk and exhibit. Managed by a rotating voluntary committee of up to six people, Transmission has evolved into a network of local, national and international artists exchanging ideas and constantly drawing in new participants.

Project Ability – set up in 1984, Project Ability provides an innovative and highly regarded visual arts workshop and exhibition programme for children and adults with disabilities or mental health problems. Each week around 300 people in Glasgow and throughout Scotland take part in the programme. Project Ability has two galleries that show work by leading local, national and international disabled artists.

GMAC (Glasgow Media Access Centre) – for twenty-four years GMAC has supported and developed independent film makers and the community through access to low cost facilities, equipment and high quality training and production opportunities. GMAC is a significant partner in the development and nurturing of new film making talent from across Scotland. The organisation’s film making initiatives Cineworks, Digicult and Little Pictures regularly win awards and critical acclaim at festivals, locally, nationally and internationally.

Street Level Photoworks – Street Level supports new artistic practices in photography and media art by both emerging and established artists locally and internationally. Recognised for its integrated practice, the organisation has an engaged programme of outreach projects and education services for community groups and schools, open access facilities for artists and members, and training courses for the public.

Sharmanka – Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre was founded in 1989 in St Petersburg and based in Glasgow since 1995. It combines movements of kinetic sculptures with soundscape, light and shadow play. Sharmanka runs education programmes to complement the kinetic theatre performances. The gallery and workshop in Glasgow provide a base for national and international touring and commissions.

Glasgow Independent Studio – Glasgow Independent Studio is an artist-led studio organisation, providing studio space for visual artists. Established in 1995, the membership of the organisation encompasses a wide variety of arts practices. A vital part of the organisation is Glasgow Project Room, a gallery space programming a dynamic range of exhibitions by local and national artists.

Café Cossachok – The Russian Cultural Centre (home to Café Cossachok) was founded in February 1998. The aim of the organisation is to promote cultural diversity and positive relations between Scotland and Russia, whilst in Café Cossachok, the Russian Cultural Centre offers a venue in which to sample the best of Russian food and drink as well as live music and visual art in striking surroundings.

Culture and Sport Glasgow’s role in Trongate 103 will be to maximise the public’s access to and enjoyment of the arts through co-ordinating a range of participative events and projects, and to promote the international reach and significance of Trongate 103 through programming a visiting artists residency space in the building.

Trongate 103 Context

Merchant City

Trades Hall
Trades Hall Glasgow
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Britannia Music Hall
Britannia Glasgow
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Tron Kirk Glasgow
Tron Kirk Glasgow
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