Baxendale / Nadfly Shop, Trongate 103, Glasgow Retail Building Development Project Photo, Design Image

Baxendale Trongate 103, Glasgow

Baxendale / Nadfly – Temporary Shop Trongate 103, building design by Elder & Cannon Architects

post updated 23 September 2023

Client: Glasgow City Council (Culture & Sports)

Photos & text: Tom Manley

Baxendale / Nadfly – Temporary Shop Trongate 103

With the anticipated opening celebrations of Trongate 103 arts centre, towards the latter part of last year, the redevelopment of Glasgow’s ever lively arts quarter in the Merchant City has been given a huge contribution.

Elder & Cannon’s redevelopment of the listed buildings at the top of King Street, has encompassed many of the resident arts organizations in the vicinity, and provided a cultural establishment to shine a green light for further artistic development within the area.

Baxendale / Nadfly shop Trongate 103 Baxendale / Nadfly shop Trongate 103 Baxendale / Nadfly shop Trongate 103

As is key with integrating these facilities and spaces into the fabric of the city, passers by must not be intimidated by the new enterprises they now encounter. With the centre attempting to invite people to browse the newly housed Glasgow Print Studio gallery or partake in some Russian food off King Street, at restaurant Cossachoc; it relies on the reception space to offer a public frontage to Argyle Street, and perhaps an intriguing rotation of anything from cultural bric a brac to impersonations of Michelangelo or Tracy Emin.

With endless possibilities to tackle this dilemma and lure people into the heart of this new found organization, the architect and artist came together in the comfortable shape of Nadfly and Baxendale respectively.

Armed with a combined background in both artistic programmes / installations and successful architectural projects for communities they embarked on a project to create a temporary shop for the festive period selling the wares of fellow artists, writers, designers, silversmiths and photographers.

Playing on the theme of re-use, the shop sought products designed from unwanted or recycled items so as to become attractive gifts. As a concept this enabled Architect Lee Ivett (Baxendale) to continue his exploration of reclaimed materials and self assembled construction techniques. The resulting structure was formed from old wooden palletes to enclose a tangible volume for the internal space lined with an array of colourful reclaimed carpets.

Baxendale / Nadfly shop Trongate 103 Baxendale / Nadfly shop Trongate 103 Baxendale / Nadfly shop Trongate 103

The composition offered visitors a sensory environment to explore and interact with products. Items displayed on its external facing presented the shop to its gallery context and encased an intimate space within.

With this partnership of Nadfly and Baxendale now entwined together they have made further proposals together for art initiatives and Baxendale is currently involved with a range of community consultation projects and participation driven building projects ranging from a new church and community centre in Milton to an eco-hub in the village of Cannonbie.

Baxendale / Nadfly Shop Trongate 103 images / information from Tom Manley

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