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Top Tips for Increasing your Winning Odds in Slots Advice

27 Dec 2022

Winning a slot game largely depends on luck, and there is only so much you can do to influence the game’s outcome. However, that doesn’t imply that you leave everything to chance. You can use some strategies and guidelines while playing to optimize your winnings.

You will find endless tips and tricks on the internet about how to win at slots, but it can be overwhelming to read and even hard to apply in an actual game. Our simplified guide gives you proven tips that will help you increase your winning odds while playing slots.

Top Tips for Increasing your Winning Odds in Slots

Top Tips for Increasing your Winning Odds in Slots Games

Select slots with high RTP and bonus features

The most effective strategy to improve your winning odds is selecting games with the highest RTP. Slots with more than 95% RTP are a great choice regardless of their variance. The RTP gives you an idea of the amount of money paid back to you, and random number generators ensure that you have an equal opportunity to hit the jackpot in each spin regardless of your bet amount. Also, when selecting a slot game, go for games that have free spins, multipliers, re-spins, wild symbols, etc. Bonus features not only add excitement to the game but also give you a higher value for stakes.

Assess the risk factor

Assessing your risk factor in slots involves choosing between a high payout size or a high hit frequency. Unfortunately, you can’t select both. Depending on your playing style, you can choose frequent small wins or occasional bigger wins. As a rule of thumb, the higher the risk, the greater the reward.

Stake enough to activate all features

Slots allow you to choose your bet size, but it is crucial to understand that making low bets can’t activate some features such as the jackpot. In hindsight, most slots have the ‘max bet’ option that most novice players ignore without understanding that they can never hit the jackpot without placing the maximum bet. However, you should always set limits and play within your budget.

Never chase progressive jackpots

Winning a progressive jackpot is any slot player’s dream. However, the jackpots don’t often appear, which is entirely random when they do. Chasing progressive jackpots means you are not focused on growing your short-term bankroll, and you can only play for a short time and could eventually lose. Ideally, it would be best if you played slots for fun and not for profit.

Use of no deposit free rounds and pick ’em bonuses

Games with no deposit bonuses, including free spins, always give you a head start. Although such games could have a higher variance, they increase your winning odds significantly. Pick’em bonuses are available in some slots, requiring you to touch certain symbols to activate bonuses. It is, therefore, necessary that you understand the paytable so that you don’t miss out on such bonuses.

Always check the game developer

Playing slot games from a good developer can significantly increase your winning odds. Some game providers, such as Pragmatic Play, develop slot games that have been known to deliver big wins.

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