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To Move Or Not To Move: How Renovation Can Actually Save You Money

13 Mar 2023

To Move or Not to Move - Renovation can Save you Money

If you’re stuck between the dilemma of moving house or staying put, there is a way in which you can decide. In the UK, the majority of people who move only do so because they are looking for more space to accommodate their family.

If it is a space issue, however, there is always the option of renovating your current home rather than going through the effort and stress that comes with moving – especially with a family that is already settled, you may wish to call upon the services offered by Deluxcore.

So what’s stopping you from doing that? Well, money for one thing. Renovation is not exactly a cheap process, especially if you are stripping parts of your house back to begin the process of making it bigger. But money alone is not something that should stop you. In fact, there are a number of reasons why renovation can actually save you money.

To Move Or Not Home Guide

If You List And Buy, It Could Cost You Far More

House prices in the UK are not low, especially if you’re looking for three or four-bedroom homes. A full renovation job – say, pulling apart the garage to convert it into a residential space or knocking down walls to create a larger kitchen or lounge space – may be expensive, but it will likely not be as much as the difference you would have to pay for a new home and mortgage.

A Roomier Home Will Rocket Your House Price

As well as this, you need to remember that you are looking for space — which can be achieved by reverting an area of your property down to the shell and starting from scratch. A strong contractor can provide the expertise that you need in order to make the project as smooth as possible – visit for more information. After building back up from scratch, you will be left with a home that is miles apart from its previous incarnation. This means that, even if you decide you still want to move after the project, you will be in a far better position to do so…

You Can Get Your Money Back

As mentioned before, a renovation like this is going to rocket your house price. This is because valuers will always put more value on a home that is larger and offers more than a home that previously felt too cramped for a family. In this way, your renovation has actually put you in a better position to buy. If, for instance, your listing price has gone up by £20,000 to £40,000, then this can be extra cash in your pocket that can help when you’re working out how to find the right property for your family home.

At the very least, it gives you that option. Either it can be a project that ups your home’s value or at least makes up the difference when you come to buy, or it can be a project that makes you fall in love with your property again and get ready for the next chapter of your life. Whatever you choose, make sure you get expert advice on your home remodelling and seriously consider all the benefits that renovation can give to you.

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