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The kitchen sink – Why should you go for stainless-steel only?

1 November 2019

Stainless Steel kitchen Sink

If clothes maketh man, then the sink maketh the kitchen. The equation is a simple one – the kitchen sink not only tells you how tasteful the owners of the home are, but it also says how much attention they pay to functionality and ease-of-maintenance in daily life.

Stainless steel sink may have been the subject of endless scoffing and criticism back in the olden era of interior décor. Right now, the sheer variety and design style makes them the premium choice for every homeowner and interior decorator. If you are confident that you want the best kitchen sink available in the market, then you need to consider the hundreds of stainless-steel kitchen sink designs in the US market.

What type of stainless steel should you pick?

Stainless steel is not a new invention of man. It is just one that can face decades of regular wear-and-tear and still look new. The secret to owning a new-looking kitchen for years is by picking the best kitchen stainless steel sink. Whether it is rectangular, square, oval, or round; the quality of the steel will dictate how long it remains flawless.

The nickel and chromium content of the steel will determine the strength and integrity of the metal. Nickel provides the steel with the sturdiness, and chromium adds the non-corrosive layer to the stainless-steel sinks. The best quality steel can have 18% chromium and 8% nickel or 20% chromium and 10% nickel. You can trust any steel product with similar ratios of chromium and nickel.

When you are out to buy a sink, always go for the heavier gauge or thicker steel. It not only adds some weight to the sink, and keeps it steady, but it also adds noise cancellation properties to the kitchen sink. At the same time, heavier gauge helps to keep a sink dent-less and flush even after years of continuous use.

What type of stainless-steel sinks should you choose for your kitchen?

Most leading restaurants in the city opt for stainless steel finish in their kitchens. They steer clear of old-school porcelain or ceramic even though both are more cost-efficient as compared to stainless steel. That is simply because stainless steel equipment requires little to no maintenance cost, and they are more hygienic as compared to ceramic or tiles. There are no chances of grout formation like in the case of tiles, and steel is sturdier than steel even while handling commercial-sized pots and pans.

The top-mount sink

The first type of sink you need to consider is the top-mount sink. It is the simplest and most popular installation for your kitchen if you want a stainless-steel sink to complete its look. The inset sink is both affordable and easy-to-install. It is also easy to clean, as long as you don’t let grit build up on the caulk or between the sink edge and the countertop cut-out. In fact, if you find the right YouTube videos, you can install one for your kitchen all by yourself.

The top-mount sink comes with a drainer board attached. The drainer board top-mount sink is one of the most understated, yet most useful stainless-steel sink designs for every buyer looking for maximum functionality for the price they are paying. You can choose between a wide range and style of kitchen faucets to match the inset sink size and finish. The shape keeps the cut-out of the bench hidden. Hence it goes well with all bench material including laminate.

The under-mount sink

The under-mount sink is highly popular among the new apartment owners and condominium designers. They maximize the space surrounding the kitchen. The steel rims remain unexposed, leaving the solid benchtops visible. It is super easy to wipe peels and crumbs directly into the sink. Currently, there are three types of installation available for undermount sinks. Consider negative reveal, positive reveal, and flush mount sinks for your kitchen if you are considering an undermount sink.

You should seek the help of professional and experienced plumbers during the installation of these sinks. The top material can be engineered stone or granite. Under-mount variants require secure insulation and sealing to prevent moisture accumulation.

The benchtop and sink

The all-in-one bench top-cum-sink. The all-in-one stainless-steel benchtop sink is the new era design that adds all the flushness possible to one modern kitchen. Several state-of-the-art interior décor companies provide their clients with the best contact for similar designs. You can also request for customizing one at a reputed stainless-steel sink store for the best results.

The sink sits in the bench-top without any crevices or visible joints. There is one continuous flow of stainless steel that allows the users to clean it properly without sediments of cleaners, soap, and water remaining behind. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of posh to their kitchen.

Today, you can check out more than ten different kinds of sinks and their respective installation options online or at the store, before your purchase. Each type has niche benefits that you should consider before confirming your purchase and delivery. However, always buy your stainless-steel kitchen sink from a reputed brand in the US, which you can trust. In many cases, the manufacturers provide a warranty on their products.

At the end of the day, the size of the sink and the number of bowls depends on the user. If you are the homeowner, find out about the bulkiest pans or pots and trays in the house that you may have to wash. According to experts, you need at least one bowl big enough to scrub the most substantial dinner set in the house.

Two bowls are not mandatory, but you should ensure that it is at least two-thirds the size of the main bowl for the ease of use. Additionally, consider faucet installation locations and styles before the purchase of a sink. Undermount sinks offer flexible faucet installations. It is one of the primary reasons most modern homeowners prefer undermount sinks for their small to medium-sized kitchen spaces.

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