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Clever Architecture Designs To Maximize Space

11 Sep 2019

Clever architecture designs to maximize space

Clever Architecture Designs To Maximize Space

With a cramped living space, you have to get creative. You really should try to use clever architecture designs to maximize space.

With some ingenuity and vision, it is possible to turn that unrealistically small space into something practical and beautiful. It is hard to fit everything you need into a small space. For instance, you have been searching for a house to call home, and after a long search, you found one.

Here are some great design tips you can use to make that small space look bigger and have everything fit.

Clever Architecture Designs To Maximize Space List

  1. Have a layout

Have a floor plan that divides the space according to your needs and the intended use of the area. Some areas have naturally small spaces but shop around and a little more. After comparison of the mortgage rates, the space available, you are able to come up with a layout that will fit most of your items.

  1. Use light-colored paint on your walls

Paint the space a light color such as white, beige, or pastels. These colors reflect light making the space seem brighter and more prominent than it is. The background allows for your furnishings to stand out more.

  1. Diversify your storage

If you don’t have enough room, think of vertical storage options and utilize the awkward spaces in the house. For instance, instead of a nightstand, go for a small dresser. They can function like nightstands but with storage space for clothes, linens, and other essentials.

Turn the area under the stairs into an extra closet for your coats, shoes, etc. Add some stand-alone shelves or fix them to the wall to store your books. Paint them a bold color this way they double up as statement pieces. Use the space over your doorway to keep your books, storage baskets, and other items if you are pressed for space.

  1. Use your walls

Walls are underutilized in a home. Sure they are great for displaying works of art or pictures, but they can do so much more.

Install sconces instead of table lamps for lighting. Add hooks to store your bicycle on the wall instead of the closest. Turn your wall into a vertical garden with hanging planters for that touch of nature in your home. Add floating shelves for your books, pictures, and souvenirs. You can even hang extra furniture on your walls, such as folding tables and chairs.

  1. Have multipurpose furniture

Select furnishings that have multiple uses. For example, instead of a coffee table, use a bench that has hidden storage. This way, you get seating, extra storage, and a table all in one. Also, use full-sized furniture instead of smaller pieces. They can help hide unsightly elements that make a room seem cluttered.

  1. Display your art above eye level

Hand your pictures, paintings, or wall hangings as high as possible to give the illusion of a tall ceiling. You can also hang your lights from the ceiling to provide the same illusion.

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Try incorporating some of these design tips to help utilize that small space and remember to maintain balance. If something comes in another has to go. This way, you reduce clutter.

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