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Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors

19 October 2019

If there was one activity that people don’t really look forward to, it’s cleaning the house. It is exhausting, especially after doing it after an intense work week. Most of us have jobs that take a toll on our physical capabilities. Some of us even have multiple jobs to support our families. Cleaning after all the work you had to do can be too much sometimes. Even though we might have a partner or children to help us, it can still be stressful for anyone involved. It is manual labor after all and anything that physical can be quite taxing to anyone.

Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors: Are They Really Good?

Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors: Are They Really Good?

This is why technology has played a very important role in the world of cleaning. It has developed more cleaning tools to make sure that it would be easier and faster to clean a house. From automated feather dusters to vacuum cleaners, these have made cleaning actually even fun as well. You just need to attach the device to a power source and then you are ready to go. It is such a convenience for anyone because it saves them a lot of time as well. There is a lot of difference between sweeping the floor manually versus using a vacuum cleaner in an hour. Read more about it here.

Introducing the Steam Cleaner

One of the most used inventions in the recent times is the steam cleaner. It is a device that uses the power of steam to clean up almost all surfaces. It looks like the traditional automatic mop, but it uses water as cleaning materials instead of chemicals. This makes this safer to use especially to those who are sensitive to such chemicals. It is also great for people who have children at home since these chemicals are not safe for them as well. However, you still need to be careful since it could still be very hot.

This is also the reason why most of these devices have gauges which you can use to choose which temperature would be more effective. Each cleaner also has different capacities for water volume. This determines the length of time that you can use the device and the area that you can cover. There are a lot of ways that you can use the steam cleaner as well as aside from your typical floors. You can use it on your bathrooms, outside areas and other places depending on the model that you chose.

However, one of the surfaces that seem to be discouraged from ever using the steam cleaner is the wooden floors. Most people are afraid of using steam cleaners on wooden floors because of how water works with these floors. It can get through the fibers and make the wooden planks weaker or pliable. This would also discolor your wooden floors and destroy it completely. It would be unfortunate if this happens to you since it can be quite difficult to remedy this situation. This is why it important to know about these nuggets of information before even trying a steam mop

Cleaning a Wooden Floor at Home Advice

4 Important Know-Hows

Choose a steam mop specialized for wooden floors

  1. Choose a steam mop specialized for wooden floors.

There are a lot of cleaners that are available in the market these days. However, not all of them are great for wooden floors since most mops would leave a lot of moisture. This can spell doom to your wooden floors, and the damage can be quite extensive. If you don’t know what you are doing, you might need to replace your floors completely just because you used a normal steam mop for too many times. You can find the best steam mop for hardwood online or even at your nearest depot stores. These steam mops can remove the moisture that remains after you use a steam mop.

  1. Learn what kind of wooden floor you have.

There are so many types of wooden floors and each of them has different levels of resistance to moisture. For example, most hardwood floors are quite weak to water thus you need to be careful in using a steam mop with them. Engineered wooden floors are even more susceptible since its layers are even weaker compared to wood. If it is an artificial wooden surface, most of the time it is safe to use a steam mop and it can clean this type of surface even better.

  1. Make sure that your floor is sealed.

You can also check the sealing on your floor. Most high quality floors are covered with sealants which deters the moisture from ever reaching the wooden fibers. However, if there is a leak or gap on the seal, then it can still affect the quality of your wooden floor. It is important to reapply the seal so that it would be safer to use a steam mop to your wooden floor. Also, you can also avoid these spots so that the floor won’t be affected.

  1. Review your wooden floor warranty.

If you really want to use a steam mop on your hardwood floor, make sure that your warranty states that it is okay to do so. There are a lot of warranty plans and clauses that would disqualify you if you will use a steam mop on your floors. One it is damaged, then there is nothing you can do about it but contact the provider of your wooden floor. You can have it repaired or replaced so that the damage will not be a risk to you and your family.

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