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Solar Powered Generators Can Supplement Energy Needs

12 July 2022

In regions that do not receive a consistent power supply, solar-powered generators can be a boon for people, supplementing their energy needs when they go off the grid by choice or necessity. Whether it is severe storms, downed trees, or some other mishap, these units can easily take care of the energy needs, allowing you to continue your important tasks without interruptions.

Solar powered generators supplement energy needs

How Cutting-edge Solar Powered Generators Can Supplement your Energy Needs

Here, we take a brief look at the various advantages of solar-powered generators and how they can help you stay connected in case of unpredictable power outages. If you live in regions that suffer from frequent power outages or want to try off the grid living, the following article should help you make an informed purchase decision.

Can solar powered generators supplement your energy needs?

No other type of power generator can give you the peace of mind that a solar-powered generator offers, irrespective of where you reside.

Unlike a traditional generator that relies on gasoline or diesel, portable power stations UK run on a practically endless source of energy, i.e., solar energy. Sunlight is an accessible commodity even in regions that do not have easy access to gasoline and fossil fuels, meaning you can easily run your appliances in your home depending on the type and size of the solar generator that you opt for. It can produce energy throughout the day and store the excess in batteries. Even on cloudy days, a solar generator will work, albeit less efficiently.

Solar generators are extremely versatile, environmentally friendly, and silent compared to traditional generators. These units do not release any fumes unlike gas-powered generators and are, therefore, much safer to use indoors without the users having to worry about health concerns.

The ideal capacity of a solar generator that you will need is proportional to your home’s energy demand. For the most part, living entirely off the grid with solar panels is possible, but you can look for hybrid generators that rely on gasoline as a backup for cloudy days. The number of solar panels and the size of battery you will need depends on the following factors:

  • The amount of peak sun hours, which refers to the duration in a day for which the sun provides 1000W per sq. m. of energy
  • The amount of electricity you use per day
  • Available roof space for installing panels and batteries
  • The type of batteries and capacity of the solar panels.

For easier calculation, you need to find an estimated monthly electricity usage and divide that by the monthly peak sun hours to evaluate the number of solar panels you will need for your house. Alternatively, you can contact a reputable power generator manufacturer with your energy requirements and they can help you select the best unit that matches your energy needs.

Key advantages of solar generators

  1. Green energy backup

As stated earlier, solar generators rely on a clean energy source and you do not have to worry about the environmental impact of using this power generator. Solar energy is readily available almost everywhere around the world; using free and readily available energy from the sun effectively eliminates the need of buying gas that is used to run the traditional power generators. Moreover, solar generators release no pollutants when producing energy.

  1. Low lifetime running costs

When evaluating the running costs of any machine, you need to consider the costs of consumables like engine oil, fuel, etc. Since there are no moving parts in a solar-powered generator, it does not suffer from wear and tear, meaning you will need to spend significantly lesser on maintenance costs. Moreover, unless you are investing in a hybrid generator, you do not need to purchase oil to keep the solar generators running, which further reduces the running cost of these units.

  1. Clean and quiet operations

Another considerable benefit of a solar generator is that it is clean. It does not rely on fossil fuels and therefore does not release harmful carbon monoxide fumes, which can be detrimental to human health upon continuous exposure. As a result, conventional generators can only be used outside away from people, while solar generators can be used anywhere without posing any threat to the health of the users. In addition, it is quiet due to the lack of moving parts, so these devices can even be used inside the house or RV campers.

What can you power using a solar generator?

To figure out what you can run using a solar generator, you will need to take a look at its power rating. Consequently, the ideal capacity of a generator you will need is directly proportional to your energy demand. Solar generators are available in various shapes and forms, meaning you can opt for portable generators for short term requirements, e.g., camping, or pair a solar panel system and generators to keep your house running off the grid.

You can find a wide range of solar generators available on the market, allowing you to select one that best matches your energy needs. If you do not mind setting up larger power stations and want to switch to part-time or complete off-the-grid living, consider investing in higher wattage solar-powered generators that can power almost all the appliances in your house. Make sure that you thoroughly study the energy requirements of your house or RV before purchasing to make sure that you buy a unit that matches your exact needs.

An easy way to start is by calculating the power demand of individual appliances that you plan on running and adding all of them together. The ideal capacity of the solar generator you will need can be calculated by multiplying the hourly power demand by the number of hours you plan on running the generator and adjusting for efficiency losses. Accounting for efficiency losses ensures that you will not run into a power shortage quicker than expected. An expert at one of the reputable manufacturers can help you select the exact unit you need to supplement your energy needs.

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