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Reasons Why Your Home Is Not Yet Selling

13 November 2022

It’s every home seller’s nightmare, but not selling the property quicker than you expected can happen. If it’s been a while and only a few buyers have shown interest with no offers, it’s time to evaluate the situation. The longer your house stays open in the market, the more likely its price will decrease. We listed some common reasons why this may happen.

Reasons why your home is not yet selling

Reasons Why Your Home Is Not Yet Selling – Property Guide

The asking price is too high

Purchasing a home is a big decision and investment, so buyers do their research before buying one. If your price is too high compared to similar properties around the area, and there are no added values to justify it, they will not consider buying yours. So, determine the average price of similar homes in the market to put a reasonable rate on your listing.

There are too many things that need fixing

Many home buyers prefer a property they can move into immediately and may require little to no upgrade. However, it can be inconvenient to take care of the repairs on their own. Plus, there are added expenses, which could blow up, especially for hidden issues. If your property has significant damages, fix them before selling to gain more interest.

Reasons why your home is not yet selling garden

The pictures need to highlight the potential of the property

When it comes to listings, pictures are worth a thousand words. No matter how well you constructed your texts to entice buyers if what they see in the images says otherwise, they might pass on viewing it in person and move to the next. So make sure the house is clean and appealing before taking high-quality photos. Proper staging could do wonders. You can hire a professional to do it, or you can also do it yourself.

Go for a minimalist look to be on the safe side. Buyers have different styles and preferences, and it will be easier to visualise what they can do in the space if you keep things minimal. Note that minimalist doesn’t equate to boring. As mentioned, it should still be appealing. So, add pieces to elevate its look, like elegant pleated lampshades that are made from silk. They are classy, and they are enough to improve the aesthetics of the property. Of course, you can always display them in your home once you are done with the staging.

The listing is missing information

Check the listing description, as it might need to include vital details that could help sell the property. For example, the home features include solar panels, swimming pools, decks, spacious garages, and multiple bathrooms. In addition, include other information that will further entice buyers, like the security in the neighbourhood and proximity to school and other establishments.

You are not taking advantage of the other platforms

MLS, or multiple listing services, is one of many platforms for your real estate agent to market your property. So, talk to him to check if he uses other sites for advertising your home. Social media sites are excellent avenues since they attract many users, including potential home buyers.

Consider selling your property to other buyers, too, like real estate investment companies that have a quicker process of buying homes.

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