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The Premium series boilers by Tenko TM

9 September 2021

The Tenko Premium line of engineered heating systems are high-end standards that can fully provide a cozy atmosphere in your home, comfort and ease of operation. The ready-to-use heating system is completely autonomous, operates without any noise and represents a whole new level in the development of electric boilers on the market. Tenko has designed the equipment with the latest components of the highest quality for a long life and maximum cost effectiveness.

Tenko TM Premium series boilers – 3 kW to 36 kW

The Premium series boilers by Tenko TM are presented in two lines – the Premium (boilers with a capacity from 3 kW to 15 kW) and the Premium Plus (boilers with a capacity from 3 kW to 36 kW). With their help, you will be able to heat premises of completely different sizes, with a maximum area of 360 square meters (connection is possible in 220V network (power 3-7,5 kW) and 380V (all others). In addition to decent technical specifications, the basic package includes a remote control function, which greatly simplifies the entire operation of the boiler and the interaction with it in general.

Full control of the boiler’s performance is supported by a built-in microcontroller and a special software control system. A huge advantage of the premium line is the touch screen display, which displays all the necessary information about the settings and service. The information is supplied by several (3 to be exact) temperature sensors.

One of them is the wired sensor, which is always included in the basic package with the boiler. It must be installed in order for the equipment to work properly, without malfunctions and failures. If you want to block its operation – this can be done by going to the “Service” menu subsection, then to the “Block” section (in the case of the boiler working only by the coolant temperature). This blocking will automatically stop several modes at once: maintaining minimum temperature, temperature control from 10 to 75 °C, modulation, pauses of switching on/off the circulating pump, return and direct pipe sensors. Keep this in mind.

The boiler is optimized by an internal counter and provides the option of keeping statistics on electricity. Heating elements and relays are fully controlled by the microcontroller, which is also housed in the Tenko heating system. The boilers presented in this premium series can only be used with a “closed” system, which has no coolant outside. The silence of the electric boilers is directly dependent on the water cooling and the solid state relay.

Premium series boilers by Tenko TM

This line heating system has three power levels and a large number of useful functions.

The company’s production has taken care to provide the highest level of equipment. This includes: a circulating pump (Grundfos (UPSO 15/60-130, Denmark), a pressure sensor, an expansion tank by Zilmet (Italy) with 7 liters capacity (separately in “Premium Plus”), a safety valve made in Italy, a programmer (daily/weekly), an automatic air vent, and the ability to control equipment via wi-fi module. The latter can be done via Android app or any convenient browser

The boiler has three power stages and a lot of useful functions. The material of the entire series is high quality steel, which has undergone anti-corrosion treatment. It is painted with powder technology, which gives an aesthetically pleasing look and additional protection. An indirect water heater may be connected to the heating system.

The Tenko boilers have many advantages that make them stand out among other manufacturers. These are: compact size, concise design, a wide range of models, no installation difficulties and absolute ease of operation, 100% reliability, corrosion protection proven by experience and long service life, the no accident risks, favorable value for money.

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