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post updated 16 January 2022

How to have the perfect home in a rush

If you’re a modern-day bachelorette with a busy and chaotic lifestyle, you can be forgiven for your home reflecting this. It may suit you fine that what you refer to as your bookshelf consists of a pile of books resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And you may not even notice that your bin has a second skin of teabags. However, sometimes in life, no matter how free and independent you feel, extended family and parents will always have a habit of visiting with only a few hours’ notice.

This is where problems can occur – your parents behold you as the apple of their eye, and if they saw that their child was sharing a bed with takeaway containers, they might have reason to get worried – or even worse – nag you. This is when the saying ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ has a resounding meaning. If your parents give you a quick phone call one Sunday morning to tell you that they’re on their merry way round to visit, fear not. Here are some tips on how to quickly trick them into thinking you live in domestic heaven:

Waddell Home
photo : Keith Hunter


The smell of your house is going to be immediately noticed and mentally noted. Repeat out loud: room spray, room spray, room spray.


Irrelevant of age or IQ, something bright, shiny or sparkly will no doubt be eye – catching. This is the time to shower your living room with those otherwise neglected scatter cushions and unwanted ornaments. Giving a focal point will distract eyes from the dust ball in the corner of the room that you forgot to sweep up.

The important bits

Do a quick surface clean of the most noticeable areas and rooms, carrying a bin liner with you to immediately get rid of any clutter. And remember to fluff up and straighten as you go!

“Accidentally” leave something out

Leave out anything that could spur conversation, to stop your parents snooping around and potentially tripping over your floor-drobe. Accidentally leave out a French Dictionary or a ‘How to become a better and harder-working person’ book to stop your parents from wondering whether or not to politely suggest you moving back home.

Gorbals Homes
photo : Keith Hunter

Use time economically

Focus on the main rooms you will be in – the spare bedroom can be tackled another day.

Slow down

Even if you have your contents covered under your home insurance, don’t run around like a headless chicken with your duster – you don’t want to knock over a vase just as the doorbell rings.

With any time left over…

Do a quick trip to your local supermarket or bakery and stock up on yummy food that you can lay out. This is a definite way to distract from any cobwebs hanging from the ceiling.

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