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Online casino is a multilingual world

30 March 2022

To an outsider, the gaming world on the internet may seem very English-speaking, but in reality it is a multilingual environment where you can choose which language you want to play in. Sometimes the language choice is so important that you can be thrown out of the relevant group if you break the language rules. At least that is what is happening in the global online casino industry, which is represented by top casinos like

Online casino is a multilingual world

Online casino is a multilingual world – internet gaming

The beggar Harald has just arrived in Ascalon, unaware of the catastrophe that will soon befall the kingdom with the green forests and the beautiful Shiverpeak mountains that can be seen in the distance. Behind the high walls of the kingdom, the warlike but intelligent wild beasts charr have forged plans on how to tear down the wall and destroy the human world, because the only thing they live for is war.

The description above is the background to Guild Wars, a so-called massive online role-playing game. The game was released shortly after the more famous World of Warcraft. The beggar Harald is actually a so-called avatar, a figure controlled by a human. The name Harald the Beggar has been chosen so that the name is adapted to the game’s more English-speaking environment. Or rather the English-speaking environment the player has chosen to primarily play in.

Servers in different languages

For many outsiders, the gaming world and online gaming can appear to be very English, which is also the case for many Nordic so-called gamers. But it would still be a mistake to look at these game worlds as exclusively English as there are departments or rather servers where the linguistic context is preset or otherwise favors a particular language. So there are English servers, German servers, Korean servers and international servers where you are either expected to use a certain language or can choose a language.

Many northerners play online in English, while, for example, Spaniards, French and Germans often have their own groups where communication between the players takes place in their own language.

Sociologist Manuel Castells believes that the internet and the digital society are defined by the real society and that it is not possible to distinguish between modern society and the internet because these work within each other. It also means that you cannot see the internet as a domain where language works but as part of society itself with its own domains.

The largest language was and still is English, but other languages are constantly taking up more and more space as more people gain access to the internet and as many services are digitized. It can be seen that the internet has not become less English-speaking, but more multilingual. In 1997, calculations were made which indicated that about 80 percent of all content on the web was in English. (David Crystal. Language and the Internet. Cambridge University press.) By April 2019, the share had fallen to about 25 percent. (Internet World Stats, retrieved 22.8.2019)

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Players must communicate

The gaming world is still special compared to the internet’s various chats, forums, blogs and news sites. Everyone who enters the online game will either compete against other players or play with them.

In role-playing games, you also end up in situations where you have to work towards common goals together with players from different parts of the world. So we are quite far away from the casual scrolling through Facebook or Instagram feeds. This places demands on communication. In addition to choosing an activity, participants must also agree on which language is spoken and when.

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The digital environment plays a major role here. Servers can mark a specific linguistic starting point or a linguistic environment if desired. So it is not so much about the players’ geographical position, although many games also have a geographical division. You can thus be on the Spanish server for North America or the European Spanish server. Many also seek out geographically nearby servers, partly because data traffic then works faster.

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