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MTX Provide an Additional Modular Educational Facility

4 August 2021

There is nothing more important than the education of our children. A school needs good personnel and a high-quality space that encourages the best learning outcomes to be successful. Modular construction offers the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, quality, and environmental credentials that make it perfect for the needs of education.

Therefore, when Friars Primary School needed more space for its expanding school roll, MTX was approached to provide the brand-new facilities. Based in Salford, Manchester, the school identified the need for additional space in the new academic year. Therefore, of significant importance to the school was the delivery of the facilities on time and budget.

MTX additional modular educational facility - friars primary school salford

Project requirements

The school needed an extra building that would include two classrooms, a breakout area, and some washroom facilities. It was to act as additional space to the school that already inhabited the site. The new facility consisted of a six-bay modular design that would be sited on the playing fields at the front of the existing school.

It is difficult for schools to plan capital build projects, as the number of pupils varies year on year and projected intake is received late. Therefore, the contract was awarded to MTX in April, but the project needed to deliver in September. Construction began on-site in May, and the modular unit was delivered in the middle of July. There was then a period of mechanical and engineering fit-out, and the building was ready for delivery to the school.

MTX delivered

The solution offered by MTX began with the design team. They devised a single storey facility that was spacious enough to offer the two classrooms required and the other facilities. Controlled roof lights were designed into each classroom, giving the teacher full control of this light, with the assistance of a CO2 sensor and a rain sensor. Fan lights were installed to allow as much natural light into the classroom as possible.

The air and light quality in a classroom are directly linked to the learning outcomes of young people. The healthier the environment, the easier it is for children to learn and benefit from the input of the skilled team at the school. The air permeability of the unit was less than 4.75m3, which is both fully compliant with Building Bulletin regulations and helpful for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

As well as lending support to the education of the children, the design also offers much greater energy efficiency. While this efficiency offers essential savings to the school, it also means the modular building has high environmental credentials. This efficiency was enhanced with LED lighting throughout and with PIR detection, which meant that lights switched off when the room was not in use.

Why MTX succeeded

In short, within ten weeks of the modules’ delivery to the site, the classroom extension was ready to be presented to the client. They could make full use of the new building in September, as they welcomed the children back for a new academic year.

There were multiple considerations when judging the success of the project. First and foremost, the quality of the classroom space is unquestionable. Spacious and bathed in light, the classroom offers an excellent area for the children and teachers to work.

However, for the project team at Salford Council, the main criteria for success were that the project was delivered on time and within the budget set. As modular construction can complete the superstructure at the same time as the substructure, and a large proportion of the build is completed indoors in a factory, the chance of missing the deadline was remote. When there are no delays in a project, the possibility of exceeding the budget is also significantly reduced.

While modular construction methods were central to the project’s success, MTX was also proactive in maintaining its management. Successful and proactive communication and a close eye on the timescale and deadlines allowed the buildings to be delivered with little to no cause for concerns. Such was the success of the project management that the company overseeing the contract would have no hesitation in recommending MTX or working with them again.

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