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Is an epoxy floor right for you?

3 January 2023

When you need to get a new kind of flooring fitted, the options on the market today can make the prospect surprisingly daunting. One of the most common choices today includes epoxy floors. This flooring is especially popular in places like garages, where you might put a lot of weight on the floor.

Is an epoxy floor right for you

Epoxy flooring is especially popular with garages because it is not prone to cracking, unlike concrete. When concrete is damaged, it is very hard to fix. You often have to dig out the entire section of concrete. Many concrete garage floors are fitted in one or a few larger pieces of concrete. Even one small crack can be very hard to fill in or fix. Often, it needs a full renovation of the concrete. Especially if you own a commercial garage in Glasgow, that could be a nightmare.

By contrast, epoxy is less likely to crack and much easier to fix in the event of breaking. The way that epoxy is fitted means it can be easily repaired without having to rip out the whole flooring underneath. This is useful as it can mean cosmetic issues are quickly and easily resolved. With concrete, this otherwise simple process can become a headache.

It is important to remember this as one of the most important sections of any floor’s lifespan is the maintenance side of things. If the floor needs to be constantly worked on and repaired, it will become very expensive. With epoxy, the quantity of repairs needed is reduced, as is the effort needed to carry out said repairs in the first place.

Commercial epoxy floor coating needs a professional fitter

One ‘downside’ of epoxy flooring is that you need to hire a specialist to fix the floor. With other kinds of flooring, you could do a DIY job. With epoxy, the tools and materials needed are so specific that it needs someone with experience. Besides, epoxy is a particular job: all it takes is one mistake, and the whole process is wasted. As such, DIY epoxy flooring tends to be filled with expensive mistakes.

You should always consider hiring an epoxy floor fitting specialist. This is important as it ensures you get the best job done. Even with the rise of residential epoxy floor fitters, you would do well to hire a local company that can do the job for you.

Do not try and go through epoxy floor fitting on your own. It requires specific crafts, tools, and materials that can be extremely hard to find in DIY stores.

Whether going for a commercial epoxy floor coating or using it residentially, epoxy is a great choice. The durability, the ease of cleaning, the flatness of the surface, and the simplicity of the maintenance make it a preferred choice for many Glaswegians.

Epoxy coating, then, is on the rise both in companies and in households. While it might be more expensive to fit than cheaper options like concrete, the results speak for themselves and are designed to last much longer than cheaper, simpler alternatives. Is epoxy more work? Yes. Is it worth it? When done right, it is one of the best flooring options available today.

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