Innovative student accommodation provider in Glasgow

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Innovative student accommodation provider in Glasgow, Scotland

10 Dec 2021

In the age-old debate of nature versus nurture, many have wondered whether we are the way we are due to our innate abilities as an individual, or due to our surroundings and environment as we develop. In the case of academic success, we like to think it’s somewhere in between.

Innovative student accommodation provider in Glasgow
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Innovative student accommodation provider in Glasgow is designed to support students

At Novel Student, we focus on helping university students reach the height of their academic potential by providing a perfectly curated environment in which students can learn, socialise and develop.

Going a step further than your regular student digs, this accommodation leaves no stone unturned when it comes to student wellness and development. Here is a round-up of just some of the ways Novel offer great student accommodation in Glasgow for young people.

Outdoor space without leaving the building

It’s no secret that many university students don’t get out in the fresh air as much as they perhaps should. Traditional student accommodation often encourages a very sedentary lifestyle for its residents.

By incorporating a rooftop terrace space, Novel’s Bridle Works offers students to relax, socialise and even cook whilst taking in the Glasgow skyline. That’s right, Bridle Works’ rooftop comes fitted with an integrated outdoor BBQ for student residents to use.

Cooking up a storm

On top of the roof’s outdoor grill area, there are plenty of options for dining at Bridle Works. Shared apartments all come with a fully fitted kitchen shared between a maximum of 5 people, and larger private studio apartment kitchens come integrated into the space.

For special occasions or for larger groups, the property also boasts a larger private dining area that residents can use to host dinner parties and welcome friends.

Getting the grades

At the end of the day, university takes a lot of hard work. Bridle Works offers a range of different environments where students can study, focus and collaborate together.

Whilst many students may opt to study in their rooms for total concentration, some prefer a change of scenery when working. Having the opportunity to conveniently access different working environments can increase productivity and help maintain positive mental wellbeing.

For example, private space at the property allows a convenient quiet place to work alone, whereas group study rooms allow for open collaboration where students can discuss projects and prepare presentations together.

Innovative student accommodation Glasgow guide
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Time (and space) to unwind

University can be a stressful time for any student and, whilst it’s important to facilitate productivity when studying and tackling assignments, it’s equally important to allow time to unwind.

Bridle Works has been designed with ample space for such activities, with an array of options for students to relax in a way that suits them. This includes a dedicated games room and cinema to allow film-buffs and gamers to blow off steam after a hard day of lectures.

For those who have had enough screen time, the property also comes with a lounge and dry bar area, where they can hang out with friends and socialise. There are even karaoke rooms on-site – perfect for letting go and having some fun.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Another way the property is designed to help students destress and take care of their general wellness is exercise.

At Bridle Works there’s no shortage of opportunities for students to work off those stressful days on campus.

The residents’ gym comes fully equipped with all the latest equipment. From treadmills to rowers and exercise bikes to free weights, students have the opportunity to develop their fitness alongside their studies.

For those less inclined to feel the burn, the property also comes with relaxation rooms where residents can focus on less physical, but equally beneficial activities such as meditation or yoga.

By using innovative accommodation design, Novel Student is now supporting students in five major UK university cities. So, if you’re looking for student accommodation with incredible design and amenities, be sure to take a look at our properties.

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