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How to Trim Weathertech Under Sink Mat

29 April 2022

Leaks and spills can cause serious damage to your under-sink storage area. They lead to mold, mildew, and other issues. This is one of the most common drainage issues homeowners face.

You can easily waterproof those cabinets to avoid such expenses. Consider sealing the area around the sink, water pipes and cabinets, or placing weathertech under-sink mat.

Under the sink, mats offer the ultimate protection to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. We all know that these areas are prone to leaks and spills.

How to trim weathertech under sink mat

Why You Should Use an Under Cabinet Sink Mat

You can use any of the mentioned methods above to prevent this. But mats are better because of the following reasons:

It Protects Your Cabinet Material

No matter the material of your sink cabinets, they will not be indestructible. Even stainless steel will be affected by water damage. That’s the truth most homeowners never want to face when investing in expensive kitchen and bathroom hardware.

If not for the sink, do it for your cabinets. They don’t stand a chance against dumpy area mold. Leaks and spills are one of the reasons these areas get damaged faster than expected.

Under-sink Mats are Perfectly Designed for the Job

Most people face a hard time finding the perfect protection for their under-sink cabinets. Perhaps you are among those who have tried several ways but failed. You can count on a customized under-sink mat.

Under-sink mats are designed with absorbent fabric, waterproof backing, and slip resistance. They absorb and contain liquids, and wicks away moisture. They are designed to protect the surface below from damage and stains.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Anyone can install these mats without calling a plumber. You can easily trim the Weathertech sink mat to fit using scissors. Most homeowners even combine several mats to fit wider cabinets.

Besides, they are easy to clean. Simply scrubbing with soaping and then hosing off leaves them sparkling clean. The best ones are machine washable, although you may need to learn how to do it without damaging the fabric.


Most of us want everything in our homes to match perfectly. The mix of colors and materials all add to the comfortability of the home. Under sink mats are no different.

Among the features that make them cool is their customizability. They do add some style to your cabinets when you choose the right mat. Luckily, Weathertech mats come in different colors and shapes to meet various needs.

How to Trim Weathertech Under Cabinet Sink Mat

It’s easier to cut Weathertech sink mat than you think. It does not require any special power tools or cutting equipment. A simple razor could be all you need to get the job done.


  • A drill
  • A razor blade
  • A pencil/ a marker
  • A tape measure
  • Protective gear

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Start by equipping yourself with proper safety gear. You will be using a sharp razor and a drill. Therefore, a pair of protective gloves will come in handy. You can even strap on some cushioned knee pads if you will be kneeling a lot.

Also, you must select a proper surface to do the cutting. The last thing you want is the razor or the drill scaring the flooring mats. It’s always good to set the materials in an area where small damages will go unnoticed. Perhaps the best area is where you want to install the mats.

If you don’t have an ideal surface, try using cardboard or plywood over the surface for protection. This will ensure you don’t cut through surfaces accidentally.

Step 2: Measure the Area Where You Need to Install the Mat

Even though the mats are not very expensive, you still don’t want any losses. Using the tape measure, take measurements of the installation area both lengthwise and widthwise. Multiply these numbers to find the area in square feet.

For cabinets, measure the inside of the cabinet from the right to the center of the pipe. Then measure the inside again from the left. Now measure from the front edge of the trim to the center of the pipe.

Doing this allows you to get the perfect measurements for the mats. It ensures you trim the mat to exact fit without overstretching or failing to fit.

Step 3: Take the Mat’s Measurements

Learning how to trim Weathertech sink mat begins with knowing how to use the right tools. Here, the tape measure, the pencil, and the marker will come in handy.

Before you trim Weathertech sink mat, it’s necessary to take all the measurements from the top outside edge. Measure from the right and use the pencil to make a mark for the pipe’s center.

From here, take measurements from the upper outside edge. Measure from the left side and mark the pipe’s center. It’s ok if your second mark doesn’t match the first one. You can now make a mark between the first and the second line. This marks the accurate center point.

Measure everything needed from the top outside. Start from the front of the mat and mark the pipe center using a pencil. Ensure there is a 90-degree bent on the front edge.

Step 4: Start Trimming

This is where trimming Weathertech sink mat starts. You should now make a cross and drill the diameter of the pipe with an additional 1/8inch.

Take your razor and cut from the hole to the mat’s back. Doing this ensures you get a custom fit around the pipe. It will also allow you to waterproof using silicone. Keep cutting until the razor clears your mat.

If possible, try fine-tuning your cuts to achieve a custom fit. Under-sink mats are soft enough to allow for shaping any way you want. This will enable you to make modifications to fit areas that would otherwise bring issues.


Under-sink mats are quite helpful for protecting your sink and cabinets. This is one of the reasons they are quite popular in many homes. High-quality products promise superior performance, allowing you to make customer fits.

The sink mat protects the base and sides of your vanities, creating an ideal environment for homes, businesses, and rental places.

As you can see, trimming Weathertech sink mat is not that hard. They are easy to trim from your bathroom, kitchen, and utility room sinks. However, it requires a little knowledge of making the right measurements. Once you get it right, dripping pipes, chemical spills, and mold stand no chance.

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