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How to Spend a Day near Glasgow Airport

May 3, 2023

Scotland comes with numerous astonishing landscapes, including the famous Scottish Highlands, but also magnificent architecture and a rich artistic culture. Landing on Glasgow Airport even for a few hours, gives you the opportunity and explore all of the above and enjoy its unique local cuisine. Thus, it would be a pity to miss this chance.

How to Spend a Day near Glasgow Airport

Very close to Scotland’s main airport, you can meet several options to spend your time during your layover, instead of getting impacted by its indoor fusion. Renting your own vehicle for your little adventure will provide you flexibility, whereas the unbeatable prices of the Glasgow airport parking on can make it possible to take breaks in between, chilling at the nearest airport hotel. Booking an airport parking in combination with an airport accommodation could be proved a very profitable deal.

Let’s see, what’s around the Glasgow Airport.

How to Spend a Day near Glasgow Airport Ideas

  1. Paisley Abbey (2 miles away)

Paisley Abbey is a historic church that dates back to the 12th century, that holds unique architectural elements with its stained-glass windows being the highlight. Nowadays, it operates also as a concert & cultural venue.

  1. Paisley Museum and Art Gallery

Less than a mile away by the previously mentioned Paisley Abbey, again found in the small town of Paisley, visitors can encounter the Paisley Museum and Art Gallery.
It hosts both a permanent and temporary exhibition. In the permanent there are exhibited paintings, sculptures, and other works of art from around the world, as important for the Scottish industry textiles and a wide collection of shawls. While the temporary hosts new age works, as contemporary art and photography.
The combination of the Abbey and the Museum, offers a unique historical insight.

  1. Braehead Soar (4 miles)

An alternative getaway that will definitely add memorable and funny moments to your overall travel experience. The Braehead Soar is an indoor adventure park, found at the homonym shopping centre. The highest audience response meets indoor skiing/snowboarding, rock climbing and zip line. Activities are suitable for all ages and all levels, and there is also a soft play area for children.

  1. Pollok Country Park (7 miles)

A beautiful park in the Southside of Glasgow and of the biggest urban green spaces in Europe, with 146 hectares of woodland, gardens, and meadows.
There you can either visit the Pollok House, a Georgian mansion of the 18th century with an impressive collection of Spanish art, or the Burrell Collection-a home for more than 9000 art pieces, or just explore some of the several walking and cycling available trails, while admiring the refreshing nature and observing the wildlife, among which distinguishes the Hihghland Cettle.

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