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Benefits of Using Patio Chair Covers

26 July 2021

Day by day, patio furniture is becoming a part of the modern lifestyle. But some still ignore their patio furniture and are reluctant to take care of them thinking that as patio furniture is meant to be kept outside they are durable enough to withstand the effects of harsh weather conditions. But if kept unprotected for a long time, patio furniture will begin to show wear and tear, eventually, ending up becoming useless. All you need to do to protect your patio furniture is to cover them up when not in use. This small step can significantly increase the life of your patio furniture. In this article, we will discuss the top benefits of using patio chair covers.

Benefits of using patio chair covers

Benefits of Using Patio Chair Covers – Furniture Protection

Protects Wooden Chairs

Anything if left outdoors, unchecked for long will begin to deteriorate. Among all patio furniture, wooden furniture is the most vulnerable to such deterioration. When left under the sun for long without any cover, the color of your wooden patio chairs will begin to fade, ending up making you spend more money in the future for repairing them.

After sunlight, comes rainfall that poses another serious threat to your wooden patio chairs. Too much exposure to rainwater will make your patio chairs absorb the water causing the wood to rot. According to JLC, moisture content ranging between 20 percent and 30 percent is more than enough for fungi growth causing the wood to rot.

Prevents Weather Exposure

It is not only the sunlight that your patio chairs require protection from. Besides protecting from the sun rays, good quality chair covers will also protect your patio chairs from rain and other weather conditions also like snowfall, strong winds, etc.

Protects Patio Chairs from Sun

Even if your patio chairs are not made of wood, then also they run the risk of getting harmed by the weather conditions. If your patio chairs are made of plastic then, leaving them uncovered when not in use for a long time runs the risk of getting cracked due to extreme heat. Furniture made from materials like a porch also can fade when exposed to the sun.

Protects Your Chairs from Water

Rains can be annoying if you do not have a proper cover to cover up your patio chairs at the time of need. Patio chairs made from plastic or fabric have a high tendency to hold the water accumulated on their surface making them an unsuitable place to sit until they dry up. Especially, wooden patio chairs become more annoying because once exposed to rain they remain damped for many days.

Saves Money

A proper patio chair cover can save you from unnecessary expenses in the future. Depending upon the type and shape of the chair, a good patio chair cover costs nearly 110 to 150 dollars but this one-time expense will help you to avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses in the future like frequent repaints and refinishing.


These are some top benefits that you can get by covering up your patio chairs using proper covers. Patio covers are a great idea if you are tired of frequent interruptions in your outdoor party due to bad weather.

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