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How CBD Oil Can Improve an Architect’s Quality of Life

24 July 2020

The professional challenges faced by architects may be unique, but their consequences aren’t. Dealing with clients, complex projects, uncertain markets, and looming deadlines can all put a tool on your mental and physical health.

The good news is that you don’t have to handle all of those negative effects on your own. CBD can help prevent and mitigate many of them. Let’s take a look at what CBD is and what it can do for architects.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a substance found in hemp and cannabis. The substance is a mood depressant, and it is responsible for the feeling of relaxation associated with marijuana usage.

In isolation, CBD possesses anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. The substance is known to promote health and well-being, all without the risk of getting you intoxicated.

That said, the substance is not without risk. CBD has several potential side effects, most of which are mild. On top of that, the CBD gold rush has inspired many scammers to start selling CBD products. These low-quality products may contain no CBD, and may even be contaminated with THC.

This is especially concerning if your firm has a drug test policy. The only way to fail a drug test due to CBD usage is to get a contaminated product. If you are worried about drug tests, make sure to buy your CBD from manufacturers that get each batch of their product tested for contamination.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s take a look at what CBD can do for an architect’s quality of life.

1 – Stress and anxiety

Working in high-pressure environments usually causes a lot of stress. The emotion is not only unpleasant, but it also damages your health in the long run. Chronic stress increases your risk of developing all sorts of health conditions, including heart diseases, strokes, and cancer.

One of the main applications of CBD is as a stress-management tool. The substance is known to reduce the levels of stress hormones in your bloodstream, which helps with both stress and anxiety. It also lowers your blood pressure, which alleviates stress, and helps your heart stay healthy.

2 – Sleep and focus

There are two interesting consequences to CBD’s stress-relieving capabilities. One of them is that the substance can help you fall asleep more easily, as being relaxed makes it easier for your body to drift into sleep. The second consequence is that it helps you focus.

Stress and insomnia both hurt your ability to focus and perform complex cognitive tasks. By eliminating both problems, CBD helps protect and ensure your productivity throughout the day.

3 – Pain and inflammation

As mentioned, CBD works as both an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory. That helps the substance treat not only the symptoms, but also the causes of chronic pain throughout the body.

Do you often find yourself sore at the end of the day? The two most common types of chronic pain in the world are lower back pain and neck pain. CBD can help alleviate both types of pain, which preservers your help and helps you stay focused throughout the day. Just be careful about taking CBD if you are already taking other forms of medication. As Cibdol explained, CBD does interact with certain medications.

How CBD Oil Can Improve an Architect’s Quality of Life

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