How can I speed up recruitment in my team?

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How Can I Speed Up Recruitment in My Team Guide

7 June 2021

When you work in the architect industry, a number of your projects may have extremely strict deadlines that you will need to adhere to. If a member of your team leaves during this period, it can put a lot of strain on those left to complete the job. Rather than pushing everyone to their limits in the coming weeks, it may be more beneficial to spend a small amount of time looking for a replacement employee who can help share the load and bring the contract to its completion.

How can I speed up recruitment in my team

How Can I Speed Up Recruitment Within My Office Team

Onboarding Software

The use of HR onboarding software for new employees can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes a successful candidate to get up to par with your working processes and company morals. In addition to this, it can also be used from the candidate’s own home, meaning precious time doesn’t need to be lost in arranging appointments for documents to be brought in.

Information such as banking and contact details can be uploaded by the individual themselves, meaning less liaison with your HR team may be required. If you choose, this can also include company training modules and a staff handbook, which can allow them to learn about how they will do their job. This means that, on the day they start, the successful new employee will be able to get stuck in right away.

Candidate Filtration

Certain jobs can have tens or even hundreds of applicants, which can make the process a bit more difficult. Rather than spending time sifting through each and every one of them, knowing that many may not even meet your specifications, you might want to consider filtering them instead.

The use of an Applicant Tracking System, or ATS for short, will allow you to arrange and filter applicants based on how well they meet a set of criteria, which your HR team would have specified within the listing. This way, you can start with those at the top, as their experience, skills, and education will best match what you require.

Optimise Your Ads

While some potential candidates may have constant access to a computer, others may spend more time out and about. You want to make sure that your job adverts are accessible to as many people as possible, which is why utilising those that allow for mobile viewing and application can be incredibly beneficial. When you consider that around 58% of potential recruits will be looking for jobs on their smartphone, it is easy to see how you might lose over half of your candidate pool simply by making it cumbersome, if not impossible, for them to do so on their chosen platform.

It is imperative that you find a qualified and reputable candidate as soon as possible so that your building works and other tasks do not miss their deadlines. Making sure you have the correct person can greatly improve your rapport with clients, and help keep plans and renovations safe and compliant.

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