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Govan Architecture : Building Competition

Architectural Developments + Architecture in Clydeside Docks Community, Glasgow

Govan Architecture Competition

Govan Sketch Competition

Sketch ideas for the future of Govan and its reconnection by pedestrian ferry to the north bank have gone on exhibition at the Pearce Institute, Govan High Street. Some have explored a new transportation hub at the Underground, others propose bringing the water in to Govan Cross; one suggests a cable car link to the foot of Byres Road.

Timed to coincide with the RIAS Annual Convention, being held at Govan Old Parish Church on 5 & 6 May, three sketch competitions, sponsored by Scottish Enterprise, with total prize funds worth over £8,000, were set up to encourage debate and new ideas for the ancient burgh. Schoolchildren from Elderpark and St Anthony’s primary schools thought about the design of a new ferryboat; architectural students looked at the ferry terminal/bar/restaurant building, while architects tested ideas for mixed waterfront uses.


Gordon Murray, RIAS President
Councillor Pat Chalmers
Rev. Norman Shanks
Bill Nicol, Scottish Enterprise
Steven Tolson, Urbanist
George Wyllie, Sculptor

Thanks are due to: Tom McInally, McInally Associates; Tom Turley, Glasgow City Council; and Liz McCaffrey & team, The Pearce Institute.

The architecture exhibition is open from 9 – 5 daily except on 5 + 6 May when it is part of the RIAS Convention event; it closes on 13 May, moving to the RIAS Gallery in Rutland Square Edinburgh.

Architect Winners

1st place
Kelly MacKinnon of Anderson Bell + Christie Architects
with Judy Cheung, Paul Taylor and David Kennedy.

The winning scheme (scheme 6b) introduced fingers of development – mostly housing in dense but detached 4-storey form, pointing northward to, and into, the river; with a range of mixed uses including allotments to the east, and a new square. The judges appreciated the degree of thought put into it, and the clarity of its presentation. The winning team receives a cheque in the sum of £4500, sponsored by Scottish Enterprise.

2nd place
Gordon McGregor of RMJM Glasgow with Elizabeth Schalenbourg

Second placed (£1000 prize) was scheme 5, which explored the idea of a cable car connection from Govan to the foot of Byres Road, with an integrated market and mixed-use development.

3rd place
Colin Kinnear of Riach Partnership Architects with Dermot Smyth

Third placed (£500 prize) was scheme 3 which proposed a pedestrian bridge to the North Bank, while drawing the water into Govan Centre. An innovative transport hub extended this valley motif.

Student Winners

Winners and cheque of £700:
Sean Dawkins (University of Edinburgh)
Benjamin Olschner (University of Edinburgh)

Commendations and cheques of £150:
David Eland (University of Edinburgh)
Tamsin Cunningham & Donna Walker (University of Edinburgh)

Prizes sponsored by RIAS Insurance Services

School Pupils Winners

Note: Awards to school pupils will be made on 12 May at the Pearce Institute by George Wyllie

Govan Sketch Competition information from the RIAS

Govan Buildings

Govan Buildings

Contemporary Govan Buildings

Govan building : Orkney Street
Wylie Shanks Architects – former Govan Police Station
Govan building
Orkney Street : Model of original design by Ata Studios

Ibrox Stadium Rangers
Ibrox Stadium
Ibrox building image © Adrian Welch

Govan Primary School
Govan Primary School Building
photo : Keith Hunter

Kinning Park Lorne St – ‘The Media Quarter’
Govan Buildings, RMJM
building image from RMJM Architects

Famous buildings in Govan include Pacific Quay Hub + Science Centre Glasgow

Govanhill Pool

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