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Govan Building : Architecture

Architectural Developments in Clydeside Docks Community, Glasgow, Strathclyde

25 May 2020

Images taken in the Govan area on the 25th of May 2020 by Isabelle Lomholt:

Govan Building Photos

Govan Architecture Photos

Fairfield Shipyard Offices Govan:
Fairfield Shipyard Offices Govan Glasgow
all photos © Isabelle Lomholt

Fairfield Shipyard Govan workers entry

Fairfield Shipyard Offices building


Former Lyceum Cinema:
Former Lyceum Cinema Govan Glasgow

Former Lyceum Cinema building Glasgow

Govan Old Parish church building:
Govan Old Parish church buildng Glasgow

Govan Old Parish church buildng

Govan Old Parish church gable

Images taken in the Govan area on the 25th of May 2020 by Scottish architect Adrian Welch:

Cardell Temperance Hall:
Cardell Temperance Hall Glasgow

Former Lyceum Cinema facade from below:
Former Lyceum Cinema Glasgow facade

Govan Old Parish church building:
Govan Old Parish church building south frontage

Pearce Institute Govan building stone facade:
Pearce Institute building stone facade

Govan Burgh Halls building facade:
Govan Burgh Halls building facade

Govan Burgh Halls building sandstone facade

26 Mar 2013

Govan Architecture News

The Ghost of Water Row
The Ghost of Water Row Community Engagement Project Glasgow
photo © Tom Manley Photography
Ghost of Water Row – A community Engagement Project.
Water Row has always sat at the heart of Govan. But its missing.
Its a route to a crossing over the river and the reason Govan exists.
Since pre Christian times, there have been successive layers of crossing & inhabitation here.
All have their stories … all have their Ghosts.
The Ghost of Water Row was a fleeting pavilion designed to appear in the dark and disappear again by day light.
Built in Pale Scottish Spruce – The ghost is a careful distillation of four buildings that sat to the west of the now buried Slipway at water Row.

Govan Buildings

Historic Govan Buildings

Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Rd
Robert Rowand Anderson

Govan Parish Church, 866 Govan Rd
Robert Rowand Anderson

Govan Town Hall – Proposal
Former Govan Town Hall to be redeveloped for film, media & creative companies by Film City Glasgow – Jul 2007
Govan Town Hall:
Govan Town Hall
photo © Isabelle Lomholt

Contemporary Govan Buildings

Govan building : Orkney Street
Wylie Shanks Architects – former Police Station
Govan building
Orkney Street : Model of original design by Ata Studios

Ibrox Stadium Rangers
Ibrox Stadium
Ibrox building from west – image © Adrian Welch

Govan Primary School
Govan Primary School Building
photo : Keith Hunter

Kinning Park Lorne St : Kinning Park – ‘The Media Quarter’
Govan Buildings, RMJM
building image from RMJM Architects

Famous buildings in Govan include Ibrox Stadium (Rangers FC) and on the eastern edge Pacific Quay Hub + Science Centre Glasgow

Govan housing: 20 Affordable apartments with Linthouse HA, Scotland
DO architecture

Govan cranes, from Glasgow Harbour across the River Clyde:
Govan cranes Govan crane
Goven crane photos © Isabelle Lomholt

Details of Govan buildings welcome: info(at)

Govan Buildings Glasgow Govan Buildings
Govan Building: images from Anderson Bell + Christie

Kelly MacKinnon of Anderson Bell + Christie:
Govan Sketch Competition – Winner

Govan Village, Glasgow

A series of urban pontoons, individually accommodating housing and landscape, have a dialogue with the Clyde and respond to the historic background of Govan. These stretch out into the Clyde allowing ownership of what has now become a desolate landscape.

The housing is a high-density arrangement, every plot footprint consistent, but each house individual. Housing is accessed via landscaped walkways and with individual pontoons for mooring of boats. The rich landscaping scattered throughout the site is homogenised with a low-tech approach to the materiality of the housing.

Varying textures and materials including corten steel, galvanised panels, copper, zinc and aluminium respond to Govan’s shipbuilding days. Glasgow has a long tradition of open green space within the city, but there is scope to take this from the public domain into a semi-private one.

The green urban spaces amongst the housing are complemented with a mix of resident allotments from which produce will be sold at the local Govan market. The allotments will accommodate workshops, providing residents with space to work and storage facilities. This regeneration of Govan creates a self-sufficient village at the water edge.

anderson bell + christie

Architecture in Strathclyde

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Govan Sketch Competition
Sketch ideas for the future of Govan and its reconnection by pedestrian ferry to the north bank have gone on exhibition at the Pearce Institute, Govan High Street. Some have explored a new transportation hub at the Underground, others propose bringing the water in to Govan Cross; one suggests a cable car link to the foot of Byres Road.
Govan Architecture

Govanhill Pool

Govan Parish Church architect : Robert Rowand Anderson

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