Gorbals Parish Church Building Architect, 1 Errol Gardens Photo, Scottish religious architecture project

Gorbals Parish Church Glasgow Building

One Errol Gardens: Religious Architecture in Strathclyde, Scotland design by ADF Architects

post updated 2 December 2023

Gorbals Parish Church, south Glasgow

Design: ADF Architects

Gorbals Parish Church Gorbals Church Gorbals Church Building Gorbals Parish Church Building
One Errol Gardens building photos © Keith Hunter Photography

Address: 1 Errol Gardens, Glasgow G5 0RA

Phone: 0141 429 0253

8 May 2012

Gorbals Parish Church Building

Gorbals Parish Church Glasgow Church Building Gorbals Gorbals Church Glasgow Church Building in the Gorbal
building photos © Keith Hunter Photography

Gorbals Parish Church Glasgow Gorbals Parish Church building
building photos © Keith Hunter Photography

Gorbals Parish Church images / information from Keith Hunter Photography

Website: Gorbals Parish Church Glasgow

One Errol Gardens is the new home for Gorbals Parish Church. Since they opened in November 2011 they have had a lot of people through the doors and even more so since they opened their cafe. The cafe is open from 10-3 weekdays, and there are a number of activities running in the building throughout the week.

They are currently working on a mini refit of the cafe. After living with it for a year, there are a few minor things that they decided that they could change to make it more comfortable and attractive. “We are going to close from the 23rd May to the 30th May to work on the cafe and when we open again on the 31st we will have a brand new space.”

We are the Church of Scotland congregation in Gorbals, in the Southside of Glasgow.

We subscribe to a progressive theology and our aim as a congregation is to provide:
• A warm welcome to all who join us
• An inclusive, open and affirming ministry
• A strong concern for social issues and a bias towards the poor in society
• A concern for environmental issues
• A desire to work positively with other churches and faith communities
• A commitment to quality in worship, both in preaching and music
• A place of inspiration and restoration
source: http://www.gorbalschurch.org.uk

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