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Free spins in new online casinos

16 February 2023

There are many ways to attract new players and customers to the casino. To do this, casinos offer a minimum investment, interesting and simple playing conditions, colourful designs and different music to accompany the game.

The ways of attracting new people to a real casino and an online casino can be very different. An online casino gives you the chance to not only admire the colourful artwork, but also to try your luck without any extra investment. Advertising min deposit casino” attracts us with its minimum deposits and the caption “20 free spins add card uk” signifies the interesting online feature. The casino in real life, on the other hand, may be attracted by the room, the design, the colouring or the expensive look of the slot machines.

Free spins are one such online feature, which we will discuss below.

Flamingo Las Vegas free spins in new online casinos

What is an online casino?

Online casinos are gambling games that are available online at suitable websites. You can play this way from practically any device that is connected to the internet. It is a convenient and practical way to enjoy gambling without leaving your home.

Why Free Spins?

Free Spins are free rolls on online casino sites, and they can be found at every online gaming machine. Free Spins are a great way to attract new players and expand your existing customer base, which is why they are now available on most slot machines. It’s worth noting that such free spins technology only exists at new online casinos, whereas real casinos don’t use this method in their gambling games.
Most often, newcomers to gambling choose sites that offer free spins, so many casinos indicate their presence in the advertisement or on the main page.

What do you get free spins for?

Depending on the casino, the way to get free spins varies.
Some online sites may offer a certain amount of free spins just for registering on their site, while other companies offer them for making a minimum deposit before playing.

Depending on how you get the free spins, they can be divided into two types:

  • For regular players. Visitors who regularly play at the casino or visit the resource frequently may be given free spins as a reward and incentive for loyalty to a particular casino.
  • For new players. After registering a new customer, the online casino gives them a gift in the form of free spins. This motivates the player to start playing or to make some kind of deposit.

The free spins can also be divided into types by the conditions attached to the use of the spins:

  • Non-deposit. This type of free spins does not require any personal investment or funds to be used.
  • Deposit. In this case, to use the donated spins, the player needs to invest any amount in the 10 min deposit casino. After this action, free spins unlocked automatically.
  • With the obligatory wagering. Under this condition, the player must make sure to pay for their investment after playing free spins.
  • Without compulsory wagering. In this case, any player, after using the gift spins, is not required to make additional spins or investments to withdraw the money won. This condition is the most advantageous for many players. Also, the casinos with gift spins without wagering attract the largest number of new customers.

In addition, some online casinos may create additional conditions for players that use free spins. For example, the use of free spins is only allowed on specific machines and slots offered by the online resource. In another case, the casino may limit the winnings that a player receives with free spins. In this way, players rarely win a huge amount of money.

How do I get the no deposit free spins?

The most popular way to get free spins without making an additional investment is to register a new account at an online resource.
To receive a gift in this way, you need to:

  • Choose an online casino where the condition for getting free spins is registration. It is best to choose a casino with a successful and good reputation or carefully check the available licences.
  • The customer should then register at the selected resource, creating a new player account. Note that when registering with some resources, you can also enter promo codes or bonus codes if you have them.
  • Once the registration is complete, the free spins will appear on the player’s account automatically. The player must read the terms and conditions for using the free spins, and then you can start using the gift spins. If additional promo codes are entered, the bonuses will also appear on the account automatically and are ready to be applied

Pros and cons of using free spins

The free spins have obvious advantages for all players, including both old and new customers:

  • No risk of losing your own investment. Anyone can try out the use of spins and not fear for their money at this stage of the game. Including the real possibility of cash winnings, which is an undeniable plus!
  • Getting to know the new online casino. Using free spins when registering, a player can explore a new resource and understand its advantages and disadvantages. That way, if a new casino doesn’t impress the customer, he isn’t disappointed, as he doesn’t have to invest his own money.
  • Getting adrenaline and dopamine. Initially, the player feels a rush of hormones upon receiving the gift, because it is free. Dopamine and adrenaline is then released into the bloodstream already when using the gift in the slot machines. A person gets a rush of hormones when they lose as well as when they win, so the outcome of the game is not important for this factor.

The disadvantages of free spins lie mainly in the restrictions that the casino imposes:

  • Time limit. Most free spins have an “expiry date”, after which the player cannot use their gift.
  • A specific maximum amount of winnings. With free spins, it is rarely possible to win large sums of money, because many casinos impose a limit on the winning amount or a limit on the player’s maximum bet.
  • A limited number of slot machines. In this case, the free spins can only be used on those slots that the casino allows. This factor considerably reduces the choice of games available.

Land-based casinos as architectural masterpieces

Strategies and tips for using free spins

Choose your slot machine carefully. If the user is careful and picks the game well, they can maximise the benefits for themselves and greatly increase the likelihood of winning.

Keep an eye on the timing of the free spins, so that you don’t lose the opportunity to win for free.
Check the terms and conditions of the free spins at different online casinos carefully, so that you can choose the best terms and know the ins and outs of the game.

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