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Different Types of Roofing Long Valley NJ

January 21, 2020

Longvalley Roofing Pros & Cons of Different Types of Roofing Long Valley NJ

When any building is constructed, it is important to choose the right kind of roof. This is a must because both the aesthetic of the building as well as the practical function of the roof is extremely important.

There are several kinds of roofing, and each kind has several advantages along with disadvantages. Before you are choosing the kind of roof for your commercial or residential building, you need to know about these types of roofing and the advantages or disadvantages of associated. Given below is a list of the different kinds of roofs you should know about.

Flat roof

A flat roof looks extremely simple and has a sliding pitch for water to drain. This kind of roof is completely flat.

Advantage: there is a lot of space on the rooftop for a garden or patio. This kind of roof also provides a great spot for solar panels, HVAC, or any other kind of excitement. This kind of roof can be constructed easily with the help of minimum materials.

Disadvantage: This type of roof requires more repairs in comparison to any high pitched roofs. Apart from that, the chance of water leakage is also high.

Flat roofs are normally used for commercial buildings.

Hip roof

A hip roof is known to have for slopes, which meet together on the top and form one kind of a ridge.

Advantage: The 4-way slope is responsible for making this roof stable in comparison to other kinds of roofing. This kind of roof also helps snow and water to run off easily. Apart from that, the ventilation is more and there is also proper space for your attic.

Disadvantage: A Hip roof is complex in comparison to a flat roof, which makes the odds associated with failure higher. They can also be expensive.

Gable roof

A gable roof has two slopes, which form a triangle when they come together.

Advantages: These types of roofs can be designed easily and they are not extremely costly. They provide a perfect slope for water and snow to drain.

Disadvantages: High winds are not good for the gable roof, especially if the construction is not proper.

This type of roof is simple; however, the construction has to be proper to ensure that they are durable and sturdy. To know more, visit the professionals of Roofing Livingston NJ.

Things to understand

A few important things that you have to understand is that irrespective of the kind of roof that you are choosing if you hire the wrong roofing contractors or company, you are going to suffer from a huge loss. You need to conduct thorough research before you are hiring your roofing contractor. Make sure that they have all the necessary permits for working in your area.

If your roofing contractor is making any kind of mistake, the kind of roof that you are choosing is not going to save you. This is why it is suggested that you remain as careful as possible when hiring the contractors. According tohttps://www.bbc.com, painting the roof white can reduce its temperature.


The kind of roof that you are selecting for your commercial or residential building can make a lot of difference. Ensure that you are going through the types of roofs that are mentioned above so that you can choose only the best.

Different Types of Roofing Long Valley NJ
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