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10 Clever Storage Idea for Small Houses

30 May 2023

In today’s world, where urban living often means dealing with limited space, making the most of every square foot is crucial. This is especially true when it comes to storage. Clever storage solutions can not only help you keep your small house tidy but also make it feel more spacious and comfortable. This article will explore some innovative and practical storage ideas specifically designed for small houses

Clever Storage Idea for Small Houses

One option to consider when space becomes a premium in your home, is self storage. Self storage facilities offer a practical solution for those struggling to find enough room in their homes. Whether you’re downsizing, decluttering, or simply have too many items to comfortably fit in your house, self storage can provide the extra space you need.

Self-storage is offered in Glasgow, York and many other locations across the UK. Storage York offers multiple unit sizes, variable leasing terms, and strong security. Storage York is a simple and secure option for relocating, renovating, or simply needing additional space.

For those who want to declutter their homes, self storage is an option, but there are plenty of other ways you can make more room in your home, please see below for ideas on creating space in your home.

The Versatility of Pegboards

A Flexible Storage Solution

Pegboards are a versatile storage solution that can be used in any room of your house. They come in various sizes and can be customised to fit your space and needs. You can hang anything from kitchen utensils to craft supplies on a pegboard, making it a perfect tool for decluttering your space.

Saving Space with Pegboards

One of the key benefits of pegboards is their space-saving potential. By utilising wall space, they free up your floor and counter space, making your rooms feel larger and more open.

Window Sills: More Than Just a View

Window sills often go unnoticed when it comes to storage. However, they can serve as excellent spots for displaying decorative items or storing small objects. For instance, in the kitchen, a window sill can be used to hold potted herbs, while in the bedroom, it can serve as a spot for your books or alarm clock.

Vintage Pieces: Adding Character and Storage

Repurposing Vintage Pieces

Vintage pieces, such as old trunks or wooden crates, can be repurposed into unique storage solutions. Not only do they provide a place to store items, but they also add a touch of charm and character to your space.

The Dual Function of Vintage Pieces

An old ladder can be used as a bookshelf, while an antique trunk can serve as a coffee table with storage space inside. These pieces serve a dual function, providing storage while also serving as a decorative element.

High Shelves: Making Use of Vertical Space

Installing shelves high up on your walls is a great way to maximise your storage capacity. These shelves can be used to store items that you don’t use daily, such as seasonal decorations or extra linens. High shelves can also be used to display decorative items, adding visual interest to your walls.

Narrow Cabinets: Maximising Small Spaces

Narrow cabinets are a smart solution for small spaces. They can fit into tight spots, such as between appliances in the kitchen or between the toilet and the wall in the bathroom. Despite their slim profile, they can provide a surprising amount of storage, helping you keep your space organised.

Rethinking the Bedside Table

Traditional bedside tables often offer limited storage. Consider alternatives like a small chest of drawers or a shelf with baskets. These options provide more storage space and can help keep your bedroom clutter-free.

Camouflaging Storage with Curtains

Curtains can be used to hide storage areas, creating a cleaner and more streamlined look. For instance, you can use a curtain to conceal a shelving unit or a closet. This not only helps keep your space tidy but also allows you to add a touch of colour or pattern to your room.

Hanging Hooks for Storage

Hooks are a simple yet effective storage solution for small houses. They can be used in various rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to hang items like utensils, towels, and clothes. Hooks can be installed on walls, behind doors, or even on the inside of cabinet doors to maximise space. They are not only functional but also add a decorative touch to your space.

Hide-and-Seek Furnishings

Furniture that doubles as storage is a clever way to save space in small houses. For instance, ottomans with storage inside can be used to store books, blankets, or toys. Similarly, beds with drawers underneath provide ample space for storing clothes and bedding. Coffee tables with shelves or compartments can hold magazines, remotes, and other small items. These hide-and-seek furnishings keep your belongings out of sight, reducing clutter and making your space appear larger.

Taking Advantage of Architectural Elements

Every house, no matter how small, has architectural elements that can be used for storage. Built-in shelves, for example, can be used to display books, photos, or decorative items. The space under the stairs can be transformed into a storage area with the addition of shelves or drawers. Even window sills can serve as a place to keep plants, books, or other small items. By utilising these existing features, you can create unique storage solutions that blend seamlessly with your home’s design.

Building in Bathroom Storage

Storage in the bathroom is crucial to keep toiletries, towels, and cleaning supplies organised. Consider installing shelves above the toilet or using the space under the sink for storage. Over-the-door racks can hold towels or robes, while magnetic strips inside cabinet doors can keep tweezers, nail clippers, and other small metal items in place. Shower caddies are also a great way to keep your bathing essentials within reach.

Maximising Space Above Windows and Doors

The space above windows and doors is often overlooked but can be used for storage. Installing shelves in these areas provides a place to display decorative items or store books. In the kitchen, this space can be used to keep rarely used items like special occasion dishes or large pots. Remember to keep safety in mind when storing items high up, and use a sturdy step stool or ladder to reach them.


Q: How can I maximise storage in a small bedroom?

A: Use furniture that doubles as storage, such as beds with drawers underneath or bedside tables with shelves. Install hooks on the walls to hang items, and use the space under the bed for storage boxes.

Q: What are some creative kitchen storage ideas for small houses?

A: Use the inside of cabinet doors to hang utensils or spice racks. Install a pegboard on the wall to hang pots and pans. Use the space above your cabinets to store rarely used items.

Q: How can I add storage to a small bathroom without it looking cluttered?

A: Use the space under the sink to store items and install shelves above the toilet. Use over-the-door racks to hang towels and robes. Keep your items organised and out of sight as much as possible to avoid a cluttered look.

Q: Can I use the space under my stairs for storage?

A: Absolutely! The space under the stairs can be transformed into a storage area with the addition of shelves or drawers. It’s a great place to store books, shoes, or even wine bottles.

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