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Choosing a Skip Hire Firm in Wolverhampton

7 July 2020

Choosing a Skip Hire Firm in Wolverhampton

Skips are large open refuse containers that are designed in such a way that they can be loaded onto a special type of lorry. They are different from normal bins as they do not need to be emptied into a bin lorry, rather it is removed from the site and an empty one is put in its place. From there it is taken to the landfilled or waste management plant where it is emptied.

Skips usually have a unique and distinctive trapezoid shape and can be either a single unit or stacked in a unit containing two. They are designed in a way that the lower end of the skip is smaller while the top is longer and wider. This is so that it can easily be loaded to the bin lorry. To either lift it unto or off a lorry, chains are attached to lugs located on each side of the skip bin and then a special type of crane is used to move it.

Sometimes a skip (usually referred to as “drop door skips”), can have a large door at one of its ends to make for easy manual loading and unloading.

Skips are durable. They are tough and can withstand a lot of rough use and the weather. They are made with steel and they come in different sizes which can greatly vary based on its use. These sizes range from a small or mini 2-yard to 40-yard skips. You can read more here.

Types of Skips

Aside from the sizes, there are various types of skip suitable for different uses. They are:

Open Skips: These types are mostly found on construction sites. It allows for easy loading and off-loading of waste.

Closed Skip: These types have a lid that offers some security. This ensures that the volume of waste does not exceed its capacity and also prevents others from using it.

Mobile Skips: These are usually set on four-wheel trailers and are loaded and unloaded with the help of a lifting mechanism.

Roll-on and Roll-off: These are usually not lifted to trucks or wagons by chains but rolled via hooks. They are quite similar to open skips and most times are used as industrial waste containers.

Why Use a Skip?

Using a skip is one of the easiest ways of removing wastes from anywhere especially as it only needs to be collected once. It can be used domestically, on construction sites, in public places, and also for industrial purposes. Some of its uses include:

Removing Large and Heavy Industrial Wastes

For construction sites where they have large tons of waste, small wheeler bins will be inefficient and ridiculous as these will have to be disposed of several times as against doing so just once. Not to forget, most wheeler bins are made with plastic or light metals that are not durable and can easily get destroyed when exposed to the kinds of junks such as concrete, nails, logs, metals, etc. that are gathered on such site.

Skips are suitable for open-topped loads for construction wastes, for industries and factories where they generate a large amount of refuse. They can be situated strategically on the factory or construction site to collect any wastes and when it is full, they can easily be picked up by the disposing company to a landfill. For construction sites, they may even serve a dual purpose as they can used to deliver supplies before they are used for wastes.

Domestic Uses

For individuals and personal households, you may wonder why you need such a big container to put your waste when you have a wheeled bin that you put your wastes. Below are some reasons you might need to use one.

House Renovation

Until sometimes you have to renovate, move, or clean out a house or building, you might not know the amount of junk present therein. For building renovations, a lot of stuff is pulled down or out to be replaced with newer ones. Stuff such as old furniture, logs, woods, concrete, etc., will be removed. All these will create a large amount of waste and you will need to dispose of them. Your normal front-of-the-house bins will not do but skips are large enough to take all these at once and the waste disposal company will handle the rest.

Clearing Your Home or Attic

You might not be renovating your home but occasionally, there is a need to clean house especially your attic, and remove old, unwanted items that are no longer useful and may just be clogging your home. Because over the years, these things have been gathered bit by bit, you may not know how large they have become until you decide to remove them. You may also have tidied your garden and need to get rid of all the debris that emanated from there including the leaves, shrubs, tree branches, etc. Essentially, your home bin will be insufficient to take all of these. You can easily hire a skip to help in disposing of them.

Moving Houses

Another time that you will most likely discover you have a ton of waste at home is when you need to move houses. A lot of the time, most people do not want to take old, unwanted items to a new home. Moving time usually presents a perfect opportunity to declutter and get rid of these items. There might end up being a lot of things to dispose of and they may sometimes be too large that they won’t fit into your normal bin so you will need to get a skip so as to be able to dispose of them properly.

To see more of its benefits, you can read this article here:

What Can Be Put in A Skip?

Although they are usually large enough to take most waste materials, not everything can be disposed of in there due to legal rules and government regulations. These regulations are basically to preserve the environment so hazardous items can be separated and disposed of properly. Some items that can go in there include:

  • Wood
  • Tiles
  • Paper
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Metals
  • Furniture
  • Plaster
  • Rubbles
  • Stones
  • Garden Wastes
  • Clothes
  • Pottery and clay.

The items below should not be put in one because they are hazardous

  • Medical waste
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Gas Cylinders and bottles
  • Bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Electronic devices such as TVs, computer monitors, fridge, freezers, microwaves, phones, laptops, etc.
  • Explosives
  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Animal wastes
  • Paints and glue

Tips for Hiring and Using a Skip

You should know that you are responsible for the waste contained inside so be careful where you place it to avoid unwanted items being put in there especially if it’s open and accessible to the public.

There is a process for disposing the waste in your skip so do not put hazardous and prohibited items inside. It will be emptied and sorted for recycling and you could be fined if these items are discovered.

Always hire a licensed provider as using an unlicensed provider may result in prosecution or fines.

Limitations of Hiring Skip

As stated earlier, not all kinds of wastes are suited for skips, and where you locate one is also of equal importance. For these reasons, there are some limitations that you may face when you intend to use one. Since they are usually transported by trucks, lorries, or wagons, to use one, it has to be delivered to a location that is accessible to large and heavy vehicles. This may be an issue for residential and commercial areas with small and narrow streets, small bridges, or those with tunnels that have low roofs. All these may result in locating it far from where the actual waste is generated. You can talk to your provider to know the options that are available to you.

Where to Hire a Skip in Wolverhampton?

Because they are large quite containers, they are not used for typical everyday refuse disposal. Construction companies and factories who generate lots of waste may decide to purchase theirs but it is not likely a wise investment as they will still need someone to get rid of the waste and when construction is over, what do they do with it? Skips are usually owned by disposal companies who give them out for hire and also get the wastes to a landfill or waste management facility for efficient disposal.

In Wolverhampton, a large metropolitan borough located in the West Midlands of England, you need a permit to put a skip on a public highway and these may take days to obtain. The city Council take wastes seriously as recycling cost much less so there are different waste and recycling plants available including a new one in Bushbury. The council is pushing hard on improving this and also to meet recycling targets.

For these reasons, you need a competent and experienced skip hire company to help you handle the process for you. They will get the necessary permits and dispose of them appropriately and without any hassles. They will also help you determine the right size of skip for your needs and if your type of hire does not require a permit. Permits are mostly needed when used on public land or road. You may be able to avoid it when placed on private lands. You can check for more information regarding this and other issues.

If you are going for open skips, it is usually recommended that you do not overfill them. Its contents not be showing above its height. This is to ensure that the contents do not spill onto the road and become a risk to passers-by.


When you have to dispose of large amounts of wastes, you may choose to drive it yourself to your local recycling centre but this comes with its hassles and challenges that you can easily do away with by hiring a skip and having professional waste disposal companies get rid of it for you. They are already licensed to this and they can easily take this stress off you. All you need to do is ensure you follow proper guidelines by first ensuring that you choose the right company for the job. Next, you should find out if you need any permits, place it in a suitable location and ensure that hazardous wastes are not put in it.

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