Guide to Buying CBD online: 7 must-know tips, Online cannabidiol advice

Buying CBD Online: 7 Must-Know Tips

7 Apr 2021

CBD popularity has significantly grown since the legalization of marijuana in several states across the country. CBD-induced products are now greatly favored due to their health benefit, which explains the rising demand for reliable online CBD sellers. When buying CBD online, you must research which distributors to engage with and the CBD products to buy. Here are 7 tips you may follow for a seamless online buying experience.

Buying CBD Online Guide

Find A Trustworthy Online Distributor

If you check on the internet, CBD products have no shortage of sellers. But don’t be quick to hit the ‘buy button before verifying the online seller’s legitimacy to ensure you only place an order with a reputable online dispensary.

A seller’s claims are hard to validate when buying online. You also can’t be sure if you will get precisely what you ordered. For safety, only order a product with positive online reviews and ratings.

Look For A Lab Report

A third-party laboratory test report will tell you the product test findings. If the tests are available through request or on the company website, it indicates that the company has nothing to hide and is safe to purchase their products.

The lab report must be from an accredited lab. Also, check the testing frequency—the more frequent, the better. If the lab report’s status column reads ‘pass,’ the product is free of contaminants and is safe to buy. Avoid products with a ‘fail’ status.

Check THC Amount in The Products

In some states, a CBD product is only considered legal if its THC concentration is less than 0.3%. THC produces a high sensation associated with marijuana, while CBD has no such effects or addictive elements.

If cannabis is illegal in your state, avoid buying CBD online that contains an excess concentration of THC. This should not be a concern if weed is legal where you live.

Learn the Different Types Of CBD

Here are the types of CBD you familiarize yourself with before buying online.

  • CBD Isolate: The purest form of CBD, derived from extracting everything from the hemp plant, except the CBD.
  • Full-spectrum CBD: Comprises all chemicals from the hemp plant, resulting in a CBD and THC product.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD: Contains all the chemicals derived from the hemp plant except THC.

Request for A Fast and Discreet Delivery

To avoid the stigma that may arise from purchasing CBD, ask the company to deliver the CBD product while discreetly packaged. Read the online customer reviews to find out their thoughts about the company’s package delivery. Fast delivery is paramount as CBD products should be consumed when almost fresh.

Research Prices of CBD Products

You want to buy a product that will give you bang for your buck. But don’t be quick to order from a cheap distributor as the product may be unsafe for consumption.

After researching several genuine brands, narrow them down to 3 and compare their prices. Choose to buy your CBD products from a company offering affordable prices.

Know the Source of Your CBD

While companies have no legal obligation to disclose their CBD products’ source, legitimate companies have no problem sharing the information with customers. Opt to buy CBD online that is domestically and organically grown without the use of pesticides.

Online buying of the CBD product of your choice doesn’t have to be rocket science. Stick to these 7 tips for a safe and secure online buying of the CBD product of your choice. Good luck!

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