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Bird Proofing Your Glasgow Property

20 Dec 2021

There’s nothing worse than looking up to study the design and architecture of a grand building only to have your view spoiled by a flock of pigeons using it to perch.

Not only do they take over our towns and cities, roosting in our buildings and taking over the streets, but they also carry with them health risks and cause damage wherever they go.

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To help you protect your intricate designs and beautiful buildings, we’ve put together a guide on how to birdproof your property; sharing the damage and dangers birds can cause, as well as our top tips for keeping those pesky birds away.

Bird Proofing Measures

So, after reading the extent of the damage birds on your property can cause, are you ready to birdproof your building?

Whichever method you decide to use to solve your bird problem, we advise purchasing the equipment from an authentic source, like, who stock licensed and high-quality products used by professionals.

We’ve put together the most effective methods available on the market to help you keep your Glasgow property safe.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are the most efficient way to prevent birds from perching on your building. While the spikes can look somewhat drastic, they surprisingly don’t cause any harm to birds!

Pigeons and other birds are smarter than you think and will spot the spikes way before they intend to descend and take a seat. Rather than harming the birds, spikes act as both a visual and physical barrier – showing birds they are not welcome whilst making it impossible for them to occupy the area.

Worried about bird spikes ruining the look of your design? Don’t worry! Bird spikes are highly inconspicuous. Also, opting for the steel versions helps them blend into the background as they are much thinner than their plastic alternatives (and way more durable).

Simply clean the affected area of debris, secure the bird spikes in place using adhesive or screws, making sure not to leave any gaps, and there you go, problem solved!

Bird Netting

An alternative bird proofing method to spikes, netting creates a physical barrier between the bird and its intended location. Compared to bird spikes which are helpful for small areas like ledges, windows, gutters etc., netting is great for quickly covering a large area, like an entire rooftop.

There are different types of bird netting on the market, so be sure to choose the right one for your problem. Garden netting, for example, will not effectively protect your industrial roof – and vice versa.

Bird proofing your Glasgow property

Bird Deterrents

The bird deterrent market is saturated with many options available. However, for high-quality and carefully designed buildings, maybe decoy birds are not the right choice! While they are practical gadgets, these bird deterrents may not be the most suitable for all constructions.

For an utterly unobtrusive deterrent, why not try an ultrasonic device? They are small gadgets capable of covering large distances that emit an undetectable frequency to humans but is highly unbearable for birds.

There are many variables when it comes to bird control, and every building is unique. So, carefully consider the issues you are having, and use this guide to determine the most appropriate bird proofing method for you.

Damage Caused by Birds

Many people don’t realise the full extent of the damage birds can cause. Because of their appearance and general size, most people don’t assume pigeons are dangerous creatures. However, they are much more dangerous than you would think.

Here are a few ways birds can cause damage:

Bird Droppings

Yes, they’re annoying to clean off your windows, but that’s nothing. Bird droppings, also known as Guano, create significant slip hazards around buildings. Depending on the number of birds you have perching on your building, the bird droppings can become a real problem that needs regular cleaning to avoid injuries – and potential lawsuits!

Not only are they a slip hazard, but bird droppings also contain over 50 different types of bacteria that can cause a range of life-threatening diseases and viruses. As the droppings dry, they can contaminate the air around them, clinging to dust particles. Once ingested, the bacteria may develop into illnesses such as toxoplasmosis and even meningitis.

As well as this, bird droppings are highly acidic. Over time, and with repeated droppings in the exact location, the droppings can corrode through construction materials and structural supports. This can lead to permanent and irreversible damage, as well as a hefty price tag for repairs.

Bird Nests

Pigeons are homing birds who will always return to the same place to sleep – which is unfortunate for you if they’ve decided to sleep on your property! As well as this, they are sociable creatures by nature which means that one bird on your building today could be twenty birds the next time you look up.

Birds will build their nests out of any dry materials they can find and collect these up before making their home in a sheltered space. It’s common for birds to make their nests in guttering as half of the job is already done for them. However, this can cause significant drainage issues as the sticks and leaves cause a blockage in the gutters. Another pricey job to fix, thanks to these pesky birds!

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