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Benefits Of Electric Driveway Gates – 4 Reasons

15 February 2022

The Benefits Of Electric Driveway Gates – Top 4 Reasons To Have Them!

With more and more Americans opting to live in the suburbs, people are looking for ways to secure their homes. Securing your home with a door lock is one way, but it is also important to keep intruders out for many homeowners. Electric driveway gates provide just that: an alternative method of security that does not compromise on convenience or accessibility. Here is how you can enhance your home with electric driveway gates.

Benefits of electric driveway gates guide

Electric Driveway Gates Provide Security

If you love your home, it is likely because there is value to the neighborhood. Perhaps this means keeping people out at night or during bad weather conditions. Although your front door offers effective security, sometimes that can be a bit much for some homes and homeowners with tons of packages. Electric Driveway Gates keep out unscrupulous individuals while allowing easy access when needed. Depending on your needs, electric driveway gates may also prevent intruders from entering or exiting a house consistently at all hours of the day and night, which is important in preventing break-ins.

Electric Driveway Gates are Safer

Electric driveways gate systems undergo the same testing standards as regular security doors and gates, which is why they cost more than their traditional counterparts. However, according to a survey conducted worldwide by Bocci Worldwide, “96% of Americans have admitted that having an electric driveway gate would make them feel safe.” With this statistic in mind, it is not surprising why these electronic gating devices are being installed on more and more properties around America every year.

Electric Driveway Gates add Property Value

According to Zillow, the value of a home has gone up by as much as 10% over the last three years. So, how can homeowners benefit from having electric driveway gates? According to market research conducted at Bocci Worldwide, more than half (55%) of Americans reportedly fear leaving their vehicles outside overnight if an unwelcome visitor tries to steal them.

Electric driveway gates are great investments to deter theft and provide security at all hours while also increasing a house’s resale price. Furthermore, if a potential home buyer is looking at properties but finds an obstacle in the form of an outdoor gate that they would not feel comfortable crossing on foot or risking driving through and possibly causing damage: electrical devices can be appealing to them.

Electric Driveway Gates are Convenient

Not only do they add value to your home and increase curb appeal, but electric driveway gates are convenient. They save you time by taking away the burden of walking up to your walkway steps every time you need access to a vehicle.

On the other hand, electric driveway gates can provide household access for the deaf and elderly or people with disabilities. For example, if you are going on vacation and your grandchildren will be regularly visited for hours every day. In that case, installing electrical devices allows parents to track everyone. Electric driveways gate systems allow security at all times while not being intrusive in any way. As a result, electric driveway gates are useful in keeping homeowners happy and the community intact.

In short, these are all about electric driveway gates.

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