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3 Unique Casino Building Designs Around the World

12 May 2022

There are many elements to visiting some of the world’s greatest casinos besides playing slots and table games. There is the atmosphere, the luxury and the whole experience is topped off by the design of the building itself. For those who want to get the most out of that last point, there are three locations that need to feature on their bucket list.

1. Les Ambassadeurs

For anyone who loves the Georgian and Regency architecture that features so heavily in the best costume dramas, a visit to this London casino should be the first stop. Entry may be a problem as it is private Mayfair members’ club, but anyone standing outside has plenty to feast their eyes upon – even if it only spotting the later architectural additions from the Victorian era.

2. The Venetian

The Venetian Las Vegas casino hotel:
The Venetian Las Vegas casino hotel:

This one is a little further afield and will involve quite a journey – so for this reason, it is best to go to the to the correct one. The original Venetian is in Las Vegas, and visitors will attest that it is spectacular in its own right; but it is outdone but the sister casino, built more recently in Macao. For those who find it hard to make the connection between Macao and Venice, the theme is reinforced with ballrooms for evening entertainment that look like they were lifted straight from the Italian Renaissance period; and incredibly, it also has its own internal canal system.

3. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Singapore casino hotel:
Marina Bay Sands Singapore casino hotel:

The Venetian Macao might well be one of the largest places to gamble in the world, but a trip to Singapore will show visitors one of the tallest. Marina Bay Sands – as well being 50 storeys tall – also has everything you would want from such an extravagant location. The three towers are topped with a roof garden spanning the entire length of the hotel – sitting like bails on cricket stumps – and guests will be treated to an interior finish that is every bit as spectacular as the outside.

Stay occupied while planning these trips

Anyone can see that trips to these destinations may take some time and planning to put together. While this doesn’t have to be a problem, the whole reason for these visits is based around the playing of slots and table games.

Those who don’t want to miss out on their favourite way of spending their free time are likely to look online for an alternative option to keep them occupied in the meantime. Finding the right game to play is not always as easy as they would hope, but spending time playing 32Red blackjack live can help them find a more authentic experience that ticks all of the right boxes.

3 unique casino building designs in the world – final thoughts

People who like the more glamorous and spectacular features in life will be naturally drawn to the world’s most extravagant casinos. Visiting them all can be costly, so in the meantime they can play the same games online at live casinos, where they can set themselves against a real dealer via video feed.

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