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Wood Burning Hot Tubs: Benefits and Tips to Choose the Best One

12 March 2022

Wood burning hot tubs benefits and tips

A wood-burning hot tub is an outdoor wonder, often situated near trees and a clearing. They are spacious, and you can get out by climbing over the edge. They are also heated by firewood (hence the name). The water stays warm for hours – like a natural Jacuzzi on steroids! Plus, there’s something magical about sitting around a fire as it roars, and children laugh in delight at watching sparks fly up into the sky…This article will explore the idea of a wood-burning hot tub and why it is a popular way to enjoy time in nature or have fun with friends.

What makes a wood-burning hot tub so unique?

The wood burns in a pit under the tub in a wood-burning hot tub. The fire heats water as it moves through pipes to the tub, filtered and kept at an even temperature. A heat exchanger on the plumbing makes sure that heated air transfers into the air bath area without burning up the circulating water.

Wood-burning hot tubs are trendy in Europe, especially in Denmark and Germany. But they have started to become popular in America, too.

Benefits of wood-burning hot tubs

Sitting in a wood-burning hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at work or school. Here are some of the most popular benefits of having one:

  • Great for parties and get-togethers – A wood-burning hot tub is a perfect way to hang out with friends, neighbors, and family. You can just light up some candles and build a fire for warmth as you relax in your very own hot tub!
  • It’s eco-friendly – Most people think that going green or saving the environment is challenging. It’s not, at all! Wood-burning hot tubs use up to 50% less energy than a traditional pool, and they are much more lightweight. They are also very efficient in cleaning the water eliminating other toxic chemicals.
  • It is fun – You have probably experienced a wood-burning fire in the wintertime or when camping out. It never fails to get that evening started with the warmth of a fire, the sound of crackling wood, and all your favorite Christmas songs! These things create a magical atmosphere that makes you feel great about being alone with your thoughts for an evening.
  • Realistic – These hot tubs don’t just look like pools but are picturesque in their own right. They have a tremendous hobbit-like look, with a small stone house or wooden cabin as the centerpiece. This can also make you feel like you are in a beautiful place right now – as if you are on vacation!

How to choose which wood-burning hot tub to buy?

First of all, you will probably be overwhelmed with choices when you go shopping for the first time for a wood-burning hot tub. You will want to know everything about it. There are so many different models and prices and types of wood that it is hard to decide which is best for your family or how much money you can afford.

The first thing you need to decide on is what size you require, as this dictates how many logs are needed to heat the water. In general, it takes about five sticks of dry firewood per 150 gallons of water before you begin seeing steam rising from the vents in your hot tub. The maximum number of sticks you can use is 15 sticks per 150 gallons. This will get you the most scalding water when you are ready to relax, but it may not last as long as some other models.

The next thing to consider is what parts are included with your choice:

  1. The tub itself – Just one big tub is not the best option. A good model will have four or more sides surrounding the wood that heats the water and a tiny area at the bottom for freshwater. You do not want any “splash zone” as this can cause problems over time. Some companies include two smaller tubs to mix in with your leading tub, and some have a hot tub cover of some sort.
  2. The pump – The pump is something you will want to consider, as well. You will have four tubes to manage: a freshwater tube that goes from the tap to the tub, a return tube (from the top of the hot tub back down), one air pipe box (from the top of the hot tub down), and an exhaust pipe (from the bottom of the wood-burning hot tub out).
  3. The piping and controls – You will also want to ensure that you get a sound piping system with your choice. Check carefully to see if all of these parts are included in your package. If they are not included with your model, you will need to buy them separately at an additional price.

Wood-burning hot tubs are a great addition to any home or camping site. They can be used as an alternative pool or an exciting way to relax after a long day. If you’re thinking about where to stay for your next vacation, why not try to set up a wood-burning hot tub for everyone?

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