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10 Ways to Fix Common Garage Door Opener Issues

23 Nov 2020

You need not hire a professional garage door expert. There are easy solutions for almost all the problems that you may face with your garage door.

There are several reasons related to the problem of your garage doors faulty opening and closing. The first thing you should know that in most cases you can fix the problem yourself with some tips from us and by using general knowledge.

You don’t need any professional tools to detect the problems or to fix them. Here are some simple ‘freehand methods’ you can use to fix your issues.

Let’s have a look at them.

Problem 1: Nothing Happens When You are Pushing the Button on Your Remote Control or the switch on the Wall

Obviously, the problem is you are not getting the power.

You can either plug something else into the outlet on the garage ceiling to check if it works, next check the sensors to see if the LED light is out.

You can also check the switch on the wall and find out if the little LED indicator is working or not.

If your outlet does not have any power, probably you need to reset the breaker in the main control panel.

If the problem persists you may have to call some expert on electric garage door repair.

The same rule applies to the next tips. If they don’t work you’d better look for an expert.

Problem 2: Remote Control is Working. Still, the Door doesn’t Open.

Make sure you didn’t manually lock your garage door opener. If you hold down the lock button for some time it will lock the whole system and the remote will not work.

If you hold it back for a while the system will reactivate.

Problem 3: The Sensor

This is one of the most common problems people face. The sensor projects a beam of light across to the receiver on the opposite wall ‘of the garage’. When the garage door comes down and something blocks the beam, it won’t close on it. Check if the sensor is not in alignment or anything is blocking the beam of light.

You may also fault in the wiring of the sensor that made it inactive.

To determine a bad sensor you can put a paper in between the sensors and hold on pushing the button to close your door manually. If it works, you will be certain the sensor is not working and needs to be fixed.

Problem 4: the Remote is not Working

The common problem with the remote is the battery. Changing the battery will solve the remote’s problem.

Programming the Remote

There are instructions on how to program the remote. They will tell you how to set up the pins and change your codes.

If your car has a built-in garage door opener you can watch this video.

Problem 5: the remote Ceases Working Sometimes

Unplug your opener and take off the back panel with a screwdriver. You need to check if there is no break in it. , If the problem is in the board fix it or change to a thicker one.

Problem 6: Motor is making an unusual noise

When the motor is making an unusual sound the capacitor may be malfunctioning, in that case, the capacitor needs to be changed just like the plug. If there is any bulge or leak around the endcap it needs to be changed immediately.

Problem 7: The Gears

Sometimes the gear fails to work in that case open and check if you find the presence of any ground plastic, that indicates it needs replacement. If the chain in the garage door is too tight the sprocket may break off and may result in a drooping chain.

Problem 8: the Garage Door is Not Going Up or Down All the way

Check the torsion spring. Check the door for balance. You do it only with the garage door closed, never work when the door is open.

When you pull the safety cord the trolley detaches from the cable, you can now manually lift it. If it feels too heavy or if it falls when you leave it in the middle the spring has lost its potential energy and you need either to wind the torsion coil or replace it entirely. Winding the coil is too difficult for some people. But can be done with a little labor.

Problem 9: with the Tracks

If the door is not closing all the way and the spring is good, the problems may be with the tracks. The garage door goes up and down along a rail like the track. And if there is any blockage or derailment of the track the door may go back up from the point of the problem.

It should not be that difficult to undo the bolt and move the track in or out to get it back into alignment.

Problem 10: Loose Chain

Often you hear a clunking sound from the chain. This is because it is running loose in its housing. The chain shouldn’t be too tight nor be too loose. But when a chain is long it can kind of fatigue on its own and stretch a bit. That’s when it makes the annoying sound.

You can easily tighten the chain with the bolt at the end of the housing.

You may have a different model of garage door and some of the parts and components may be different. For instance, there may be a rubber belt instead of a chain. Yet the nature of the problems almost stays the same and you should not have much perplexity finding the similarities of the problems and the solutions.

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