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What can You Expect from AdBlue Removal

4 May 2021

In recent times SCR technology with AdBlue is becoming popular; however it is not fitted in every diesel vehicle. If you have bought a newer vehicle, there is a greater chance that it would contain the AdBlue system in order to reduce emissions.

What can you expect from AdBlue Removal diesel vehicle

What is AdBlue Removal

AdBlue is a chemical liquid that is used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) on diesel vehicles so as to reduce the NOx levels. The AdBlue fluid, which is the combination of urea and demineralized water is injected into the exhaust system just before the SCR catalyst. This leads to a chemical reaction that results in converting the NOx into Nitrogen and water vapor. AdBlue was introduced by vehicle manufacturers in order to comply with the stringent emission targets; This AdBlue is sometimes also referred to as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Now, if your AdBlue system stops working, then it might take a lot of days and huge costs to get it fixed, and this is where AdBlue Removal comes. An AdBlue removal system electronically disables the AdBlue system along with removing the dashboard lights and warning messages, and NOx sensor. Generally, disabling the AdBlue system is done by reprograming the entire management system.

What can You Expect from AdBlue Removal Guide

Problems with AdBlue

  • The AdBlue injection rate keeps on changing and is generally controlled by vehicle electronics. The amount of AdBlue injected depends on various factors like engine speed, engine load, engine temperature, exhaust catalyst temperatures and exhaust gas temperatures.
  • The additional injection of AdBlue increases the running cost of vehicles, making it quite unpopular.
  • Generally, if the vehicle detects a problem with the AdBlue system or the AdBlue fluid has not been used, then the vehicle enters in a reduced power mode, and the reduced power mode remains until the AdBlue system gets repaired.

What does AdBlue Removal do?

The AdBlue Removal lowers the vehicle running costs, improves fuel consumption as well as reduces the cost of the repairs associated with AdBlue systems. Generally, what happens is that the AdBlue removal system receives various messages and data streams. Then carries out complex mathematical modeling and broadcasts these modified messages and data to the vehicle. In this way, the vehicle thinks that it is communicating with a fully operational AdBlue system; however, in reality, the AdBlue system has been disabled.

What are the benefits of AdBlue removal?

Once the AdBlue removal is fitted, it will disable the AdBlue system and the NOx sensors, which technically means that there won’t be any more AdBlue faults even if the SCR is broken. However, do make sure that the emulator is dry when you have fitted the device.

How to install AdBlue removal?

An AdBlue removal can be fitted in about 35-40 mins with proper instructions. Once you fit in the emulator box to the machine, the DEF is automatically disabled. By installing the AdBlue removal, you would no longer have to face any limp node or SCR errors. Also, you don’t need to remove any part of the SCR/DEF system to install AdBlue removal.

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