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Air Conditioning Services In Bealeton, Virginia

May 26, 2021

Air Conditioning Services Bealeton Virginia

Although you may be using your AC daily, especially if it’s summertime, it’s common that you may know much about the parts and systems of your appliance unless you’re a mechanic. You may have searched in the past about how the parts and accessories work together to provide a steady stream of cool air inside your room. However, you may still wonder if there’s something that you’re missing out on for the most part.

It’s best to know how AC works, and you can find out about this when you click here, but there are other things that you need to know as a homeowner. When you do something like scheduling regular maintenance from the air conditioning Bealeton VA experts, know that you’re essentially making the lifespans of your units longer. You’ll have cooler, fresher, and cleaner air after the maintenance as well.

Air Conditioning Services In Bealeton, Virginia, United States

What You Need to Know about your AC

  1. Dirty Filters will Reduce Efficiency and Airflow

The filters are not placed inside the units just to improve air quality alone – they are also there for more efficiency. In the summer, when you’re using them almost the whole day, you need to at least do replacements for the filters once a month to keep your unit clean and efficiently working.

Know that when the filters become dirty, they may not work more efficiently, which can lead to overexertion of the compressor. They can cool a specific place inside your house, but it may take longer, and this will reflect in your monthly bills.

You can stop the bills from getting higher each month and prevent the clogs in the system by changing the filters whenever recommended by the experts. There are minimum efficiency reporting values that will give you an idea about your specific unit’s filtration. The ones with the MERV rating of 1 to 12 may mean that you’ll get better filtration. For those deemed to have a rating of 14 or higher, they may already be so large that you need a professional if you decide to do modifications on them.

  1. It’s Important to Do Regular Maintenance

You may stop and think for a moment of when was the last time an HVAC contractor came to your house and did inspections and cleanings of your system. If this is something that you’re doing at least twice a year, then congratulations since you’re doing a good job. Most homeowners buy an AC, totally forget about cleaning and maintenance, and wonder why their units begin to malfunction after just a year. Read more about maintenance tips on this site here.

Maintenance from the experts in Bealeton, Virginia, is crucial, especially in late fall and in spring when the hot weather is not as intense. You should never have to wait until the HVAC system breaks down before you call in some professionals. This is dangerous and very inefficient.

A qualified tech will identify potential issues that can cause malfunction and even fire, and they will fix them right away before they become worse. They can deal with repairs while they are still small and prevent you from making costly check-ups and even replacements down the road. When you do regular maintenance, you can expect that your unit may serve you up to a decade or even longer.

  1. Compressor and Condensers Must Stay Clear of Debris

For split-type AC, the condenser coils are usually located in the outdoor unit. This is where the refrigerant is also found, where it returns from a gas form into a liquid one. The compressor is going to raise the pressure when the refrigerant begins to move along. The fan and compressor work together to complete a cycle, and all of these are happening every day in the outdoor units.

If you want your AC to maintain cold and running air, you need to ensure that the cycles from the outdoor units can run without delays. These delays are often caused by blockages like dust, dirt, debris, and mold that will take time for the refrigerant to turn from a gas into a liquid.

Ensuring that no debris is stuck on the fans, including grasses, leaves, and hanging branches means that you may need to call the techs from time to time to check your units. This may also mean that you may need to trim back some of the bushes around the area, so the unit does not encroach on plants.

  1. The Right Contractors Will Help Keep your AC Cool

Air Conditioning Services in Bealeton, Virginia, USA

The primary job of your unit is to keep you cool regardless of the weather outside. Fortunately, you can help them. Know that when it’s midday and the temp inside your room is already very hot, your AC will work hard to restore the comfort levels of the house occupants and bring down the temperature and humidity level inside a room.

On your part, you can help with this process by closing doors, blinds, and windows so that the heat of the sun can’t penetrate the inside of your home. When you keep your unit from overworking, you’re actually extending its lifespan, and this can be a good thing. You’re also assisting your AC when you use ceiling fans, improve insulation, and seal some air leaks to create more chill in the environment.

  1. Thermostat Plus Technology Equals Comfort

Nowadays, you can buy a smart or programmable thermostat that will customize the comfort levels that you should feel inside you are home. Read more about smart ACs on this site: When you’re out of the house, these appliances will slightly raise the temp while still keeping the heat at bay so you can save on electrical bills.

If you’re home by 5 o’clock, you can set your thermostat to a program that will give you the desired temperature to bring your body into comfort. These smart technologies are possible and can be installed with the help of qualified technicians in Virginia. You can count on them to improve the costs of your energy bills and customize the efficiency of appliances in your home all year round.

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