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Top Tips for Renting in Glasgow for the First Time

post updated 21 April 2024

The first two weeks of a student’s time in Glasgow are frequently spent working out how to best arrange oneself. There isn’t even enough time to think about studying. Invest in some professional writing services, drop all you’re doing to focus on this article, and then let’s go!

Top tips for renting in Glasgow for first time

9 February 2022

Top Tips for Renting in Glasgow, Scotland

The quest for accommodation was the most pressing concern for the majority of students. The cost of student housing in Glasgow is much more than the cost of a room from a private landlord, in contrast to many other nations. Demand, on the other hand, outstrips supply, and by the time you get in Glasgow, all that’s left is what no one has taken already.

You are shackled if you do not have a physical address in the area – they will not be able to register with a doctor or create a bank account, for example. I also came across a form of prejudice in this setting. In the end, it was discovered that some nations are included in a specified list of “high-risk countries,” and the banks of their nationals had to do an additional week of checks on their paperwork in order to determine whether they were participating in the illicit international traffic in dill. Meanwhile, a female from the United States will simply be required to provide her passport, and everything will be completed in less than twenty minutes.

In order to assist people who are unfamiliar with the process of finding and renting accommodation in Glasgow, we will state right away that there are two options: employ the services of real estate companies or negotiate directly with private persons – landlords.


  1. Renting a room. Renting a room is a relatively frequent solution for people who are having difficulty finding homes. First and foremost, of course, because of the high cost of living in the city. Yes, and there are fewer documents necessary for this: no bank statements are required, and recommendations are not necessarily required in this situation.

“Room hunting” (looking for a suitable room) might take a long time because there are many people who are interested in it. Tenants of the remaining rooms in the apartment can be given applications to the court by their landlords, who can then decide who will occupy the remaining rooms.

The categorization of flats in Scotland, as well as in many other nations, differs significantly from the classification used in Russia. There are a variety of options, including studios (kitchen-living room and one-bedroom), 1-bedroom apartments (apartment with one bedroom and a living room), 2-bedroom apartments (apartment with two bedrooms and a living room), and others.

  1. Renting a flat. It’s more of a headache to live in an apartment. the following are required: an employment contract, financial stability certifications, and recommendations from previous employers (from landlords, from the employer).

Renters are required to pay the rent for a month, an agency charge, an inventory check, and a deposit to ensure the property’s safety while renting an apartment. In addition, a deposit of between one and two months’ rent is required. When you check out, the deposit will be reimbursed if the flat is in its original condition. To protect yourself from having your deposit taken from you by the landlord, it’s important to document any existing faults and damage before moving in.

Guarantors are required by some agencies, often citizens of this nation, who agree to cover the rent if the renter is unable to do so for whatever reason. If you don’t have a guarantor, you may be required to pay for the entire length of your stay all at once. The contract is often concluded for six months, and if you choose to extend it, you will be required to pay again. It’s a harsh system. As a last check, the landlord wants to be sure. After all, if something goes wrong, evicting the renters will be very impossible for him. Tenants must also pay for water, electricity, and gas as well as council tax, which is a type of local tax.


  1. It is critical to identify the person(s) responsible for the method. Owners replace faulty appliances themselves, or the renter fixes them and keeps all the invoices, so that the owner may compensate them for the expense of the repair. The inventory should include all relevant information, such as what was in the residence when the inventory was taken.
  2. A safety certificate is required for the boiler and gas stove. To avoid an unplanned breakdown, the boiler must be thoroughly inspected to determine its age. The amount of wetness in the room should be checked with special care. Before renting out a house, some owners conduct cosmetic modifications to hide the fact that the waterproofing needs improvement. Since removing the mold will be a challenge, and since there has been a breach of contract, the landlord will retain the security deposit.
  3. When we check in, we should be careful to read all of the meters to ensure that the previous renters haven’t left any unpaid energy, Internet, or television bills.
  4. It is critical to deal with the issue of heat. Electricity is more expensive, thus gas is the better choice. It’s also important to pay attention to the windows; if they’re single-glazed, you won’t be able to heat your flat.


We decided to perform an experiment and try to find a place to stay ourselves. Consequently, rather than searching through multiple websites and student forums, we were able to locate a room by looking in the window of a shop in the city’s central business district for a “paper” bulletin board. We learned about it through an outgoing Scottish lady who lived next door to us as a couchsurfer and had three cats and a passion for kayaking.

This was one of the most beneficial decisions we’ve made thus far. A year ago, we started utilizing, and we’re confident that you all had heard of it. Using this service, you may locate a host who is willing to house you for a few days while you explore a new city and learn about its sights and culture.

Friends and acquaintances initially toured the homes of pupils who had achieved greater success. An entire month elapsed for one of my students.

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