Tips for selecting living room wallpaper at home

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Tips for Selecting Living Room Wallpaper

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3 Oct 2018

Tips for Selecting Living Room Wallpaper

If you wish to give the living room some instant update, you can get an amazing new wallpaper to add color, pattern as well as texture to this room. Across the past few years, we actually have been believing that white walls tend to be the only way that one can go.

Tips for Selecting Living Room Wallpaper

No doubt, a plain along with neutral base can be some good starting point from where to develop a decorating scheme; nevertheless, Vesta Management Company warns, if you do not take advantage of the spectrum of colors along with patterns that paint plus wallpaper can give, then you can, in fact, be missing out.

Read on to find out how to use wallpaper to make your living room look more wonderful.

Wallpaper the Furniture

It is not compulsory that wallpaper should go on the walls. If you want to make some striking statement within the living room, you can wallpaper an important piece of furniture, like a sideboard for instance.

This is even a wonderful way to upcycle some old item which may have otherwise been thrown away. You can select wood or even brick-effect type of wallpaper to get an on-trend trompe l’oeil type of look. You can, for instance, use the wallpaper on some drawers in your home.

Get A Pinstripes Wallpaper

You can smarten up your living room with the help of pinstripes. Develop a tailored and designer look within the living room by using pinstripes. You may not have known that these look just as smart upon your walls like they do upon suits.

You can select soft greys allowing the scene not to feel overly masculine. Also, add a luxe touch using accents of gold within your accessories as well as soft furnishings. You can keep window treatments plain as well as simple, allowing the walls to be the star feature.

Perfectly Tie Your Room Together

If you want to tie the room together, you can use some eye-catching wallpaper to unify the different living zones specifically in some open-plan space.

You can draw together two separate seating areas visually using a whimsical botanical print that runs around the full circumference of your room.

Remember to paper particularly from the dado rail going upwards so as to stop the scheme from actually becoming too busy. This is even a sneaky way so as to save some money upon your scheme, as well.

Try Going Totally Tropical

You can transform some plain white room into some tropical paradise using a wallpaper that is teeming with exotic plants. You can keep this colonial jungle feel within the rest of the scheme.

This can be done with the help of cane furniture, plantation shutters, etc. Select a wallpaper which has a white backdrop allowing your scheme to feel still light plus airy, and that despite the specific vibrancy of the pattern.

A Tonal Scheme

You can select a wallpaper that features different shades and that of the same color so as to develop a subtle yet striking feature wall instead of overwhelming the space. Choosing a simple design rather than a hectic pattern will even aid in soothing the scheme.

If you want to break up some papered wall, you can place the furniture as well as artwork in strategic positions specifically around the edge of your room.

You Can Bring Zing Using Bright Colors

For those who wish to introduce some bright shades within the living room, you can balance a neutral scheme using a colorful wallpaper. You can pick out tones from your wallpaper moreover echo these within your soft furnishings.

You can for instance use sunshine yellow scatter cushions so as to aid in drawing your room together. You can employ some neutral color such as white so as to break up some strong blocks of color.

You can try out the above exciting ways to use the living room wallpaper to make this room look wonderful. Match your furniture as well so that everything connects and looks good. Do this perfectly so that nothing hurts the eyes.

A living room with a wonderful wallpaper can produce an amazing effect on this room. Check out the different wallpapers to see the one that you like and make your living room get transformed with this. Visit wallpaperfromthe70s.comfor instance.

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