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Take Advantage of Your Multitool

24 December 2019

If you are unaware about the oscillating tool, then read on to learn how this handy tool is. This amazing tool will leave you wondering how you survived this long without owning one yourself.

What is an oscillating tool?

An oscillating tool is a multifunctional power device that will help you many repairs and adjustments in the house by yourself. With multiple interchangeable blades, this handy tool allows you to perform tasks like sanding, grinding, and polishing by using only one device. Its small design offers ease of operation and access to hard-to-reach spaces. Moreover, the high speed oscillating blades, which can cut through nearly all building materials, makes it a must-have tool in your toolkit or shed.

Whether you are a professional or enthusiastic DIYer, an oscillating multitool is a device worth spending on. If you are still conflicted over this wonder device, then read on to find out how useful this tool is and then read the complete buyer’s guide to the best oscillating saw – https://woodworkingtoolkit.com/best-oscillating-tools/. After reading this article, you will need it.

Trim Door Casings

In order to accommodate new flooring neatly, the door casings and the jambs need to be cut and be trimmed to make room. Not only is it safer to use the oscillating tool over a flush cutting saw, but also the vibrating action saves you from manual cutting by the saw.

Sand Wood Smooth

All multi-tools have multiple sanding attachments, allowing you to smooth wood, wood fillers, and any topcoat finish on doors, shutters, and furniture that have narrow edges. This tool, with its triangular sanding pad and hook and loop abrasives, makes its easy to sand and change sandpaper.

Cut Plumbing Pipes

The multitool offers blades with an offset shape that makes flush cuts easy and neat. Be it copper, plastic, or steel, any metal pipes and even nails can be quickly cut through with this handy tool. You can also make these cuts in tight spaces like inside cabinets or behind walls easily because of its small narrow frame with an adjustable blade.

Remove Old Paint

Before you repaint your favourite piece of furniture, you will need to scrape away old paint and sand it out to smoothen the scraped areas, and the oscillating tool is the perfect instrument for both of these tasks. Scrape away by attaching the steel scraper blade, and smooth out rough wood with the triangular sanding head.

Salvage Room Moldings

Need to pry off wood moldings but don’t want to damage them? Sounds impossible, right? Not if you have a multitool. Attach the fine-tooth, metal cutting blade to clear away the dried paint or caulking to reveal a fresh layer of smooth wood to repaint.

Grind Out Grout

Whether you want to just freshen up the bath or plan on remodeling it, the oscillating tool is just the tool you are looking for. Its carbide grit-attachment can easily cut grout from the joint between tiles or the tiles itself. Moreover, the blade works by moving back and forth instead of spinning, you don’t have to worry about dust all over your house.

Cut Drywall Openings

The multitool is useful for accurately cutting holes in the drywall, plaster walls, or ceilings for the purpose of a switch box or outlet receptacle. Simply mark the outline you wish to cut and attach the carbide-grit blade to the tool to slice through the surface. The durable blades will easily make a clean cut while withstanding any impact from a nail or a screw.

Grind Away Mortar

The carbide grit rasp is ideal for removing hardened mortar from subfloors with ease, leaving you with mortar dust in seconds thanks to its coarse rasp. The triangular shape of the blade is convenient for hard to reach corners.

Remove Away Old Caulk

Stop wasting precious time toiling to remove caulk by switching to the multitool, and throw that putty knife in the bin. With the sharpened scraper blade, scrape away caulk from sinks, tubs, windows, and doors. Your only regret will be why you didn’t do this sooner.

Scrape Up Adhesives

Vinyl and carpeting are attached to floors using very strong adhesives. The oscillating steel scraper of the multitool is ideal to scrape away even the most stubborn of adhesives. Lift one corner of the flooring, keeping it suspended, and scrape away using the scraper blade. Then grind away any residue with the carbide-grit rasp.

Cabinet Installation

The quickest and most accurate way to cut slots or squares to install a cabinet, dishwasher, or any other hardware is to combine the effects of the multitool and a saw blade. You can offset the tool axis relative to the saw blade, which allows for easy maneuvering at any angle while cutting, thus speeding up the process.

Window Repair

Is that living room wooden window in the corner too worn out? Spare an afternoon and get your multitool out to scrape away old paint, grind, and sand, all with the help of one tool. This remodeling will drastically change the appearance of the window and the room as well as improve insulation.

Thin Set Removal

Tiles that have fallen off the walls can be easily replaced with the multitool. Remove the thin set mortar from the tile and wall using the carbide grit grinding pad, then reapply and reset the tile.

Take advantage of your multitool power Conclusion

The multitool is a versatile power tool that has become indispensable thanks to its numerous uses. The easy grip and long power cord allows you to work on any space and corners. Furthermore, they are also safer compared to large, heavy circular saws, jigsaws which are difficult to manage in narrow spaces and at awkward angles. So, grab your oscillating tool, and you will no longer despise repair work.

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